What to Do With Cookie Butter?

You’ve probably used peanut butter in some of the recipes that you make including cookies and cakes. If you’re unable to eat peanuts, then you could benefit from using cookie butter. But, what to do with cookie butter? Here are a few ways that you can use this product to give your dishes an enhanced flavor that you might get from other types of butter that you might use.

Granola Bars

If you’re wondering what to do with cookie butter, then consider making granola bars. You can use the butter as a base before adding ingredients like raisins, buts, dried cherries, and chocolate chips. When all of your ingredients are combined, you can put the mixture in a flat pan that you’ll then put in the refrigerator. After the mixture has set, you can cut it into bars.

Crunch Cups

Prepare a mixture of cookie butter and chopped peanuts or a small amount of milk. Separate the mixture into small balls. Cover the balls in chocolate so that they look like chocolate cups. Refrigerate the cups so that the chocolate hardens before enjoying your sweet treat.

Ice Cream

Add a little flavor to ice creams that you make with cookie butter. The butter works well with vanilla and chocolate, but you can get a little creative by adding the ingredient to flavors that would normally pair well with peanut butter. You can also make milkshake pops with cookie butter in the same fashion. After your ice cream is prepared, add a small amount of milk or vanilla yogurt for a creamy consistency. Put the mixture in popsicle molds to freeze it in place.


Cookie butter is an ingredient that you can add to almost any cookie that you make. It can give your cookies a sweeter taste and a dense texture that you might enjoy from your cookies. This type of butter tends to make cookies hold up to toppings that you might want to add as well including ice cream or whipped cream.

Tasty Spread

Combine cookie butter, milk, and cookies in a blender to make a spread that can be used with just about any ingredient. You can put the spread on cookies, on slices of cake, or on top of a slice of pie. It can also be used as a dip with cookies and a variety of other sweet treats that are crunchy and that can scoop the dip.


If you like lighter desserts, you can make a mousse using cookie butter. Keep in mind that you won’t need to use a lot since it’s a bit heavier than peanut butter. Combine the ingredient with cream and other items that you would normally add to your mousse. After it’s chilled, serve it with cookies or on top of a slice of cake.