How to Reheat Spring Rolls?

One of the benefits of eating take-out foods such as spring rolls is that there are often leftovers to enjoy later. If you’ve ever wondered how to reheat spring rolls, here are several ways that you can warm-up both fried and non-fried versions of this tasty snack.

Regular Oven or Toaster Oven to Reheat Spring Rolls

Preheat the oven to 250 to 350 degrees, and add a light coating of oil or cooking spray to a baking pan to prevent sticking. Heat the spring rolls on the pan for a couple of minutes, then rotate them and cook for another couple of minutes.

Fried spring rolls in particular do very well with being reheated in a regular or conventional oven. This method works best for maintaining the crispy exterior texture of fried rolls.

Toaster ovens heat foods much the same way as regular ovens, but lots of hungry diners think that these miniature ovens are ideal for reheating spring rolls.

Reheating In a Pan

Many people think that reheating spring rolls in a pan produces the best results of all. This method works equally well for non-fried and fried spring rolls alike.

For the best results, a non-stick pan is recommended for reheating spring rolls. The pan should be lightly preheated at low heat, and the spring rolls should be arranged in one layer. Heat the spring rolls for a couple of minutes, then turn them over so they can fully reheat.

Pans that are not non-stick should be lightly coated with oil, and preheated over low heat. The spring rolls should be heated for a minute or two, then turned over and heated for another minute.

Microwave Oven to Reheat Spring Rolls

Even though reheating spring rolls in a microwave oven may be a fast and convenient method, it can produce varying results. Because of the way these ovens heat foods, spring rolls can form lots of steam, causing them to become soft and/or soggy.

Microwave reheating works especially well with non-fried spring rolls. If you’re reheating fried spring rolls, do so for only a minimal amount of time, and turn the rolls over halfway-through the cooking time.

Some people prefer to lightly moisten spring rolls by covering them with a damp paper towel while they heat in the microwave oven.

Steamer or Air-Fryer

Non-fried spring rolls can be reheated by lightly steaming in a stove top steamer for one minute, rotating halfway-through. When you’re reheating spring rolls in an air-fryer, two or three minutes should be just enough time for them to produce excellent results.

No matter what type of spring rolls you prefer to eat, when somebody asks you if you know how to reheat spring rolls, you can now say that you know numerous ways of heating them.