How to Reheat Chicken Pot Pie in Oven?

The goal to reheating chicken pot pie is to warm up what is inside the pot pie, but keep the crust light and flaky. Read my tips below on how to reheat chicken pot pie in oven.

More often than not, a reheated chicken pot pie will turn into a mushy mess.

If you have a chicken pot pie that needs reheating, you may be wondering how you can do so in the oven.

Understanding how to reheat chicken pot pie in oven can help you to reheat your chicken pot pie perfectly.

Reheating Chicken Pot Pie in the Oven

Reheating your chicken pot pie in the oven is often the most desirable reheating methods. This is because an oven provides you with an even heating experience and is the best bet for reheating a perfect chicken pot pie.

Microwaves are more created to keep food items moist and this could lead to a soggy chicken pot pie.

When reheating your chicken pot pie in the oven you will want to use a low temperature. This is because a higher heat will cause the outside of your chicken pot pie to cook more quickly than the inside, resulting in a burnt crust.

Instead, keep the temperature down to avoid the meat drying out and keeping the crust from becoming burnt. Try utilizing a temperature around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reheating Frozen Chicken Pot Pie in the Oven

If your chicken pot pie is frozen, there will be different steps that you will need to utilize.

This mostly depends on how your frozen pot pie was packaged. Make sure you follow the instructions listed if your frozen pot pie has come with guidelines on how to cook it properly.

For frozen pot pies that do not have a cooked crust, you will want to heat up the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place aluminum foil over the top of the pot pie and bake it until the middle is bubbling. This usually takes around forty minutes. You will want to then remove the aluminum foil so that the crust can bake. The crust will begin turning golden brown after around half an hour.

If the crust has come precooked, then you will not want to cook it uncovered for as long and will need to keep an eye on it to prevent it from burning.

How Can I Shorten the Cooking Time?

If you are really hungry or are on a tight schedule, you may want to bake your chicken pot pie a little faster.

There is a method that you can utilize for the frozen pot pie that may help it cook quicker.

You can preheat your frozen pot pie in the microwave for around 3 minutes and then bake it for 15 minutes in the oven. However, the temperature will need to be 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Never place a tin or foil container into the microwave. Always ensure that the container is microwave safe.

Regardless of cooking procedures, make sure the center of your pot pie is always 165 degrees Fahrenheit when cooking is completed.

Chicken pot pies are delicious and they are a staple comfort food. When you need to reheat a chicken pot pie, you can utilize these guidelines to ensure that it is reheated perfectly.