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Natalia Christine

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  • Does Fiber Cancel Out Carbs Keto
    Embarking on a keto diet involves cutting high carbohydrate foods out of your diet in exchange for what’s often steady weight loss without feeling hungry.  But keto dieters are still allowed a small number of precious carbohydrates per day. So, many people wonder, does fiber cancel out carbs on keto? Since every gram of carbohydrate … Read more
  • Fun Exercises: 9 Ways To Get Moving Beyond the Gym
    It’s not news that exercising is an essential and healthy activity for humans. Moving your body throughout the week is not just about losing weight and looking good, either. Exercising builds strength, supports mental functioning, boosts energy, reduces stress, prevents health problems, promotes better sleep, and much more. But often, people find it hard to … Read more
  • The Bulletproof Diet for Beginners
    Are you looking to make a lifestyle change, lose some weight, and become healthier as a whole? If so, it might be time to consider the bulletproof diet and the benefits of changing your unhealthy lifestyle.  The concept of bulletproof entails seeing food as fuel, improving your mental and physical fitness, and generally becoming healthier. … Read more
  • Can You Take Vitamins While Fasting?
    Fasting can help you achieve weight loss objectives or general health goals, but it also has some gray areas. A question that frequently arises is whether vitamins will break your fast.   To experience the benefits of fasting, you must avoid any food or drink that might break your fast. Yet because we’re eating less, we … Read more
  • Not Losing Weight on Keto
    You likely started the keto diet after hearing friends or celebrities rave about their weight loss results. So, if you’re not losing weight on keto—or not losing as much as you expected—you’re likely frustrated and wondering if you’re doing something wrong. Sometimes, you might be doing a keto no-no that can stall weight loss. Other … Read more
  • Keto Supplements
    A keto diet involves limiting your intake of food from most food groups while making fat around 75% of your daily caloric consumption. But there are dozens of micronutrients, and six of them are essential to prevent nutritional deficiencies.  Although your body requires more macronutrients than micronutrients, these vitamins and minerals play a vital role … Read more
  • The Skinny on “Dirty Keto”: Everything You Need To Know
    Losing weight is challenging. Losing weight quickly while maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be even more challenging. The keto diet is one option to consider as you embark on your weight loss journey. The ketogenic (or keto diet) is a rigid eating routine that is an extremely low carb, high-fat diet. The keto diet has … Read more
  • How to Meal Prep
    Meal prep is the perfect method to prepare delectable meals ahead of time. It’s especially well-liked by time-pressed individuals since it helps in saving time. Having ready-to-eat meals might help you stay on track with your dietary objectives by reducing portion sizes. You don’t need any tools to achieve stunning results with meal prep. Time … Read more
  • Keto Food List
    Are you preparing to start a keto diet? The most common question among keto beginners is what you can eat–and what will kick you out of ketosis.  Luckily, there are plenty of yummy foods to choose from when considering your keto lifestyle. To help you plan your first grocery run, we’ve put together a comprehensive … Read more
  • Brenda Gantt Biscuits
    After releasing her first cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good,” in 2021, Brenda Gantt shot to fame in the culinary world. Her innovative recipes were more than delicious—they were also incredibly detailed and easy to follow. One of her must-try recipes is her biscuits. These flaky, layered treats are just what you need for Thanksgiving, Christmas, … Read more
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    The chicken chipotle melt Taco Bell serves will keep you a regular customer. These snacks are a fan favorite, and now you can make them yourself.  Delicious and Quick! The franchise’s beloved menu item is something you can make at home anytime you want. Taco Bell chicken chipotle melts use a unique blend of ingredients … Read more
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    One of the top easy food prep meals companies, Hello Fresh, has some of the best and most exciting seasonings for their food. Most of their herbs and flavors can easily be duplicated by going to your local grocery store; however, their specific kind of fry seasoning isn’t sold in stores. Their recipe remains a … Read more
  • Pikes Peak Roast Recipe
    Pikes Peak roast is a specialty beef cut popular in Colorado. The name “Pikes Peak” comes from a famous mountain. If your butcher isn’t familiar with the term, ask them for the “heel of round” roast. You might be wary that such an inexpensive (and tough) cut of meat won’t be worth cooking. I promise … Read more
  • Can You Reheat McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets?
    If you’ve ever wondered whether you can reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets, the answer is yes! You can certainly enjoy them at a later time by reheating, and they will stay tasty. The only caveat is that you have to reheat them properly. This article will discuss how to reheat McNuggets to maintain a similar level … Read more
  • How To Reheat Mcdonalds Fries
    There’s nothing quite like McDonald’s fries. They’re crispy, salty, and just begging to be dipped in ketchup (or ranch dressing, if that’s your thing). But sometimes, you don’t have time to eat them immediately, and you need to know how to reheat them, so they’re just as good as when first served. For example, you … Read more
  • How To Reheat Fried Rice
    There’s nothing better than treating yourself to some tasty leftovers after a takeout night.  Fried rice is a staple of many Asian-themed restaurants, from spicy Thai food to savory Chinese recipes. While fried rice tastes delicious when fresh, it often loses some of its charms after a night in the fridge. Reheating fried rice can … Read more
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    Chipotle has more than 3,000 restaurants in North America, with plans to open 4,000 more. With so many, there’s a high chance you’ve gotten a few of their burritos and needed to warm them up later. But what’s the best way to do so? If you’ve been looking for tips on how to reheat chipotle … Read more
  • Biscoff Spread Recipe
    Biscoff is one of the best types of cookies available. It tastes like spices, sweetness, and a touch of savor and is a favorite amongst cookie lovers for a good reason. Originating in Belgium, this cookie has become a favorite around the world.  However, it was Trader Joe’s that released the most popular version of … Read more
  • How To Reheat Seafood Boil
    When serving up big meals on a nice summer day, it’s hard to beat a seafood boil. And when the event is over, often there are leftovers to be dished out. This might leave you wondering how to reheat seafood boil. This article covers all you need to know about the best ways to reheat … Read more
  • Egg Substitute for Frying
    Ever wonder what your best egg substitute is for frying? You might think it’s a simple decision. After all, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in a cook’s repertoire. But what if you have allergies? What if you don’t like eggs? What about a vegan lifestyle? Well, worry not; we have you covered! … Read more
  • What To Serve With Lettuce Wraps
    If you’re looking to create healthier meals, lettuce wraps are a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional flour tortillas. You can fill these lettuce leaf wraps with almost anything; they work for lunch, dinner, and even a quick protein-filled snack if you feel rushed.  Here are some great options to help spice up your lettuce … Read more
  • How To Reheat Grilled Chicken
    Be it a thigh, breast, drumstick, or the entire grilled chicken, this meal has a special place in our hearts. It’s not uncommon to find millions of families including chicken in their weekly meal plans.  Grilled chicken brings versatility to the table since you can use it for just about anything, including potpie, soup, salad, … Read more
  • 18 Side Dishes for Sea Bass
    Sea bass is one of my top ten fish. Even people who don’t like fish may love sea bass. It’s a tender, white fish with a buttery taste.  Sea bass flakes like haddock and tastes like cod or grouper. It’s not “fishy-tasting” at all. It is the perfect canvas for any flavor profile you want … Read more
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    If you love Chinese food and have tried many dishes at your local Chinese restaurant, you have probably enjoyed a plate of lo mein on occasion. However, do you know the difference between mei fun vs. lo mein? While most people have heard about lo mein, the less-known mei fun dish is also a delicious … Read more
  • What to Serve with Mahi Mahi
    Mahi-mahi is a delightful fish that goes well with many different sauces and seasonings. It’s a Dolphinfish found in the waters of Hawaii and the gulf of Mexico and has been a staple in fish-lovers’ diets for centuries.  Mahi-mahi fish is a healthy source of protein without additional saturated fat, like you would get from … Read more
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    Anybody who adores lobster, crab, and other seafood items will enjoy a seafood boil. A seafood boil is a classic meal with many components that together make a heavenly flavor. This meal has been around for hundreds of years, but recent trends on the internet regarding seafood boils have taken the world by storm. Seafood … Read more
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    A traditional shrimp boil comes with a few sides included, like corn and potatoes boiled alongside the andouille sausage and shrimp. As delicious of a meal as a shrimp boil is, it’s good to have a break from the classic spicy seasoning. Try some of these tasty sides at your next shrimp boil for some … Read more
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    Have you ever considered if the cookware you’re using is non-toxic? If not, you may unintentionally sabotage your efforts to eat healthily. Sure, cooking at home is one of the best ways to eat well. You know what goes into each dish and can control the fat, sugar, and salt content of your dishes. But … Read more
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