Seafood Boil Sides (7 mouthwatering side dishes to serve)

Anybody who adores lobster, crab, and other seafood items will enjoy a seafood boil. A seafood boil is a classic meal with many components that together make a heavenly flavor. This meal has been around for hundreds of years, but recent trends on the internet regarding seafood boils have taken the world by storm.

Seafood boils have been popular in recent years by YouTubers who engage in a feast of sorts (sometimes called a Mukbang, where an internet celebrity consumes a WHOLE LOT of food in front of the camera… don’t google it). People who engage in this activity often choose seafood boils because it is easy to make large quantities of, has a distinct and delicious flavor, and can be stored for future use.

Seafood Boil Sides
tell me that doesn’t look great….

It can be challenging to find the perfect sides for a seafood boil. Thankfully, there are dozens of options that pair well with this meal. Read on to discover the best sides for your next seafood boil.

What Are the Best Types of Sides for Seafood Boil?

The best pairing for a seafood boil is one that has either a mildly salty or neutral taste. Remember that your seafood boil already has plenty of salt inside, so you will not likely need an overly salty side.

However, a neutral food item on the side can offer you a balance of flavors. Sides can be anything from a neutral veggie option to bread that can soak in the stunning broth.

The Best Seafood Boil Sides

The best sides for a seafood boil will pair well with the flavors already in your meal. If you have loads of crab, you will likely want to choose options that complement the flavors and bring out that iconic crab taste.

Relying on salty and neutral flavors can give you one of the best seafood boils you have ever had. Consider using bread, potato salads, and avocados to add a refreshing taste. Browse below to find your next perfect pairing.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are best when roasted with mild olive oil and other seasonings. Feel free to bake them while your seafood boil cooks. You can also use a balsamic glaze for an added kick of flavor.

Brussel Sprouts is a great side for a Seafood Boil

Brussel sprouts are versatile and packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, K, and Potassium. Brussel sprouts are also known to battle some cancers and keep the organs in your body healthy.

Potato Salad

Potatoes are another versatile food item that may be dressed in many ways. However, potato salad is one of the best sides for a seafood boil. This option offers a stunning group of flavors, and potatoes are a neutral starchy vegetable that can enhance the already present flavors in the seafood boil.

Additionally, you can add the seafood boil broth atop the potato salad to add a salty flavor that works perfectly together.

Mashed Potato

Mashed potatoes offer a less salty flavor than potato salad, mostly because mashed potatoes lack the salty taste of mayonnaise that potato salad uses. Instead, this neutral side will work nicely as a topping for the items in your seafood boil.

Mashed Potato is a great Seafood Boil side
Mashed Potato

Mashed potatoes can top your shrimp, crab, or lobster to create a complex flavor and help boost the best seasonings in your meal.


Sourdough bread or a baguette can be a perfect companion for your seafood boil. Bread is ideal for soaking up the delicious and flavorful broth in your seafood boil and making it easier to enjoy.

Sourdough is the best for a seafood boil since it’s airy and light, but other bread may work well. Rolls are an ideal second option but may not hold as much broth.

Roasted Carrots

Roasted carrots are an ideal choice for a healthy side to your seafood boil. Although there may be carrots in your seafood boil, roasted carrots can have a crispy and flavorful texture that can leave you with a stunning medley of salty and neutral tastes.

You can dress your roasted carrots with seasonings, balsamic glaze, or other sauces to make them even more flavorful.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a classic staple of a seafood boil. Some restaurants and chefs enjoy putting corn on the cob inside their seafood boil, but many prefer this food to remain on the side. Your corn on the cob won’t get soggy when placed inside the seafood boil, but it may become overwhelmed with the broth flavor and lose its individuality.

Corn on the cob is a great seafood boil side
Corn on the cob

Consider adding corn on the cob as a side to your seafood boil to add a neutral vegetable to your palate.

Baked Beans

Baked beans are a stunning seafood boil side because they can add a dark taste to your refreshing meal. These two flavors work perfectly together to create a complexity that many seafood boils miss out on.

Great Seafood Boil Sides: Baked Beans
Great Seafood Boil Sides: Baked Beans

Warm up your baked beans and use a ladle with slits inside to allow some of the liquid to drain from the beans before plating. Having too much of this liquid on your plate may result in the food being overwhelmed by liquid since the seafood boil already has a large amount of broth.

Avocado Salad

Avocado salad can offer your plenty of rich vitamins and minerals during your stunning meal. Avocados are known to boost cardiovascular health and keep the body nourished through the wide range of vitamins and minerals within.

An avocado salad can have plenty of onions, avocado, garlic, or other ingredients to create a harmonious blend of healthy foods. 

Final Thoughts

A seafood boil is one of the most popular meals among online sleuths and people who adore food. Food bloggers and content creators swear by this meal, and there’s no wonder why. Not only can this meal contain plenty of broth, vitamins, minerals, and veggies, but it can also help keep you full longer.

Pair your seafood boil with one of these refreshing sides to keep from getting overwhelmed with the brothy nature of the boil. This can also help you get a wider range of vitamins. For example, mac and cheese has a small amount of protein from the cheese and avocado salad is packed with antioxidants and minerals.