What to Serve with Mahi Mahi

Mahi-mahi is a delightful fish that goes well with many different sauces and seasonings. It’s a Dolphinfish found in the waters of Hawaii and the gulf of Mexico and has been a staple in fish-lovers’ diets for centuries. 

What to Serve with Mahi Mahi

Mahi-mahi fish is a healthy source of protein without additional saturated fat, like you would get from land animal protein. It’s clear why this fish makes a delectable dish, but what do you serve with it?

If you’re looking for what to serve with mahi mahi, listed below are the top 7 side dishes to serve with Mahi-mahi. 

Lemon Orzo 

Lemon orzo is an excellent side dish to Mahi-mahi mostly because it has a tangy flavor that adds a bit of zest to the otherwise bland fish. Mahi-mahi is a white fish and therefore has a subtle flavor, so adding a side dish with a tart flavor will help to bring out the fish’s natural flavor. 

Lemon orzo pairs nicely with tomatoes, feta cheese, basil, and olive oil, all flavors that compliment fish. Try eating the fish and the orzo together for a flavorful, fun weeknight dinner. Mahi-mahi takes just minutes on the grill, and the Lemon orzo is easy to make as well, so you’ve got yourself a quick, cheap meal. 

Tomato Cucumber Salad

Another tasty dish for anyone wondering what to serve with Mahi-mahi is tomato cucumber salad. Tomato cucumber salad combines ripe tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, olive oil, and salt. This tasty mixture pairs well with Mahi-mahi because the light flavor of the fish compliments the tart, fresh taste of the salad. 

This is an easy dish to make, and it’s served cold, which makes it nice for outdoor picnics and lunch boxes. You can get crazier and put the tomato cucumber salad on top of the Mahi-mahi for a taste-bud explosion of flavor. Also, add fresh mint to the mixture for a unique, new spin. 


Watermelon is a great side dish for many different meals, but fish, in particular, tends to blend well with it. The sweet undertones of the watermelon cut the hearty flavor of the Mahi-mahi and give your palette precisely what it wants, especially on a hot summer day. 

The flaky texture of the fish and the crunchy texture of the watermelon go together like bee’s on honey. Watermelon is an easy side dish that gives your meal a burst of flavor and hydration, so why not pair it with your Mahi-mahi main course? 


When trying to find what to serve with Mahi-mahi, pasta is always a side that comes to mind. Pasta is versatile and pairs well with almost any main entree. Pasta with white sauce, in particular, makes a great addition to your family’s fish night. 

The creamy, white sauce that covers the pasta adds a flavorful coating to blend with the Mahi-mahi and add some extra flavor. Mahi-mahi is also a very light main entree, so eating it with something heavy such as pasta creates a filling meal. 

Try a buttery cream sauce with basil and fresh tomatoes on top of some pasta and grilled Mahi-mahi. Or take a shot at a vodka sauce to give the dish a robust tomato flavor, and balance the mild taste of the fish. These sauces paired with some pasta make for a great side dish to Mahi-mahi.  

Romaine Side Salad

A simple romaine side salad accompanies fish rather well, and Mahi-mahi is no exception. A crisp, green romaine salad topped with a light vinaigrette is the perfect buddy to go along with your Mahi-mahi. 

Mahi-mahi is flaky and tender, so when paired with the crunchy romaine lettuce, you get the full flavor of the fish along with a pleasant texture. The acidity in the salad dressing also helps to reduce the fishy taste and gives the Mahi-mahi a zesty kick. 

It’s no secret that we eat with our eyes; some would even say it’s hard-wired in our brains. So, pairing a bland, white, colored fish with a pop of dark green lettuce full of bright, natural colors is a great way to stimulate your brain and salivate those taste buds. 

Roasted Carrots

The flavor of Mahi-mahi blends perfectly with a batch of roasted carrots. Oven-roasted carrots are easy to make; simply slice the carrot into coins, lightly drizzle with olive oil and then top with a dash of salt and pepper, and then roast in the oven at 350 degrees for 15–20 minutes. The natural, robust taste of the carrots, combined with the light, flaky Mahi-mahi, is perfect for a balanced, weeknight meal. 

Also, try mixing in some broccoli or garlic to add even more of a bold flavor profile to the dish. Not only is this a tasty combination but nutritious as well. 

Spicy Slaw

You can never go wrong with a spicy slaw when trying to find what to serve with Mahi-mahi. Spicy slaw is most commonly found on top of fish tacos because the heat from the cole slaw really brings out the fish’s natural flavors. Mahi-mahi is a mild-tasting fish, so adding something zesty with a bit of a kick is ideal. 

Try a spicy slaw recipe and top off your Mahi-mahi with something crunchy, spicy, and sweet all at the same time. The crunch of the slaw also adds more texture to the flaky fish creating a palatable dining experience. 

Conclusion: What to Serve with Mahi Mahi

So next time it’s fish night, and you are wondering what to serve with Mahi-mahi, check out these top 7 side dishes for a delectable meal that brings out the natural flavors of the fish. Watermelon is an excellent choice for fruit lovers, and of course, a spicy slaw will always complement fish well. Whichever you choose, be sure to enjoy it with family and friends connecting over some delicious food.