Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning

One of the top easy food prep meals companies, Hello Fresh, has some of the best and most exciting seasonings for their food. Most of their herbs and flavors can easily be duplicated by going to your local grocery store; however, their specific kind of fry seasoning isn’t sold in stores. Their recipe remains a secret. 

The secrecy has made more and more of their consumers intrigued and curious about how to recreate the unique fry seasoning created by Hello Fresh. 

The simplicity of Hello Fresh’s fry seasoning makes it incredibly customizable, allowing you to substitute ingredients and throw in new ones as needed to compliment your main dishes. For example, if you need seasoning for your fried chicken wings, you might consider the below variation with cayenne pepper or chili powder since it can be spicier. 

The spices you choose to use depends on the flavors you want to create in your food. If you are dealing with steak, you probably want a seasoning that is tasty but isn’t as strong in flavor so you can soak up the rich and expensive taste of the steak. 

When it comes to actual fries, it all depends on preference for how you like your fries. Some people enjoy spicy while others want something more subtle like the garlic and onion powder concoction. It also depends on how you like your fries and if you dip them in ketchup or some other kind of condiment or sauce or just eat them plain. 

For someone who eats fries plain, it’s important that the seasoning adds more garlic and a salty taste to add to the flavor. The spiciness of the cayenne pepper or chili powder would be a good flagrant flavor. Someone who dips their fries in ketchup or ranch doesn’t need such a strong taste. 

When looking up the fry seasoning recipe to use as a copycat of Hello Fresh’s, one recipe came across as the most accurate in taste and flavor. This recipe included all the specifics of what ingredients and measurements to use. 

What Ingredients to Buy

To create the best authentic flavor of the fry seasoning and to empower a robust flavor for the fries you make for yourself or guests, there are some core ingredients you need to purchase before starting to make the seasoning. Here are some of the spices and ingredients you should buy: 

  • Ground caraway seeds
  • Coriander 
  • Smoked paprika
  • Turmeric 
  • Chili powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Paprika
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Cinnamon 
  • Ground black pepper

When looking at these ingredients, you must remember these are all the ingredients you could need for different variants of fry seasoning. Combining all of the above spices will not give you the desired effect. 

Here are the various combinations you can use to come up with the best fry seasoning to compliment your dishes. 

Variant 1

  • 1 part onion powder
  • 1 part paprika 
  • 1 part garlic powder

Variant 2

  • 1 part ground black pepper
  • 1 part cayenne pepper
  • 1 part cinnamon

Variant 3

  • 4 parts ground coriander 
  • 4 parts ground caraway seed
  • 4 parts smoked paprika

Variant 4

  • 4 parts chili powder
  • 4 parts turmeric
  • 4 parts garlic powder

The variant you choose will depend on the level of spice and intensity you want to add to your dishes. Since there’s not an exact science or recipe found to completely copy the Hello Fresh fry seasoning, the above recipes have been created from trial and error. All of these combinations taste similar to the actual Hello Fresh seasoning. 

All the different variants have been written for a serving size of two, so plan accordingly for the number of people you’re serving. 

What you can serve with the Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning

You can use this seasoning on almost anything, not just fries and burgers. Some favorites for this robust flavor of food are recommended to go on potato salad, chicken wings, fish, and veggies. The kind of combinations and ways to make your food tasty are endless. 

With the different variations of the Hello Fresh fry seasoning recipe, there are endless possibilities of taste for different kinds of food and texture. You can experiment with the different variations and use them on all your food with the different variations, so you never grow bored with the combination of the spices. 

Not only will this seasoning be a favorite amongst your friends and family, but you will also have to make more and more of it to come with social gatherings and the near future. People will ask about the seasoning and how you made it. 

How to store the Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning

It’s important to keep the fry seasoning in a dry area that doesn’t produce a lot of light. Although seasoning can’t spoil, especially since there are no wet ingredients, any added moisture from heat can throw off the taste and completely alter it. 

You can put the seasoning in any kind of container but beware of using plastic jars as these can increase humidity and moisture. The best kind of container to store the seasoning is in a plastic bag, safely and tightly sealed, so no air comes through and alters the taste. 

Check the Freshness

When you make a bulk amount of the seasoning for future uses and social events, it’s important to take some out of the container to check the freshness. 

Over time it’s possible the seasoning got different smells and aromas tarnishing the taste that it once was. If it’s not as fragrant when you sprinkle it on your hand as it’s supposed to be, it has gotten other smells and has been stored for so long that the flavor is probably off as well. It’s important not to throw out the altered seasoning. 

Revive the Seasoning

It’s not as hard as it sounds to revive the fragrant smell of the fry seasoning you created before. The easy solution is to heat a skillet at a low temperature and once the smell starts coming back, you can take the seasoning off the skillet. 

This quick easy trick will make you second guess that it ever smelled different and tasted off. The most important step is to first figure out if the spices and seasoning were altered in any way before putting it on whatever food you plan on serving later for you and your guests. 

Simplify your Cooking

Even if you aren’t known to cook very complex and five-star level food, this Hello Fresh copycat fry seasoning recipe can automatically elevate your food and its flavors. Cooking is all about finding the best flavors and seasonings and experimenting with different amounts. 

If you ever need to add more flavor, it’s better than taking out the flavor or seasoning as you would have to throw out the food and start all over again. It’s advisable to start with a small amount of seasoning depending on how robust the taste is on the food or if the food already has a distinct taste. 

It’s much easier to doctor up the taste if it’s missing a significant amount of taste in the dish. 

Before you add the seasoning to the dish you’re cooking, always remember to taste the seasoning before to see if it’s the kind of taste you’re going for. You can also put it on a small part of the dish before adding it to the whole dish if you’re still unsure how it will taste on the meat or fries or vegetables, etc. 

From Hello Fresh to Home Cook 

Granted, if you were looking to recreate the Hello Fresh fry seasoning, it’s very likely you started your cooking journey with Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh gives you the right tools to start thinking more like a conscious cook in the kitchen with easy-to-follow recipes. 

When you try on your own to make their fry seasoning it’s a step in the right direction in working independently on creating your own kinds of concoctions in the kitchen. It’s a great way to learn to cook as a beginner and continue to grow to a more advanced level, instead of cooking variations of pasta and scrambled eggs. 


With the different variations of ingredients and recipes to master the Hello Fresh fry seasoning, you will find the best variation that works for you and tastes the closest to the Hello Fresh fry seasoning. Before you know it, you might find additional ingredients or other ways to make it taste even more like the fry seasoning, making you more of an expert in the kitchen.