How to Reheat Brownies?

If you have ever wondered about how to reheat brownies with any and every method, loo no further than this article.

Provided below you will find every possible way to go about warming up this delicious confection that some consider to be nothing more than a dense brick of cake-not that that’s a bad thing.

Method #1: Using the Traditional Oven to Reheat Brownies

This method will work regardless of whether you happen to have an electric oven or a gas one but also calls for aluminum foil.

To reheat brownies in your oven, first wrap them up in foil. Once you have securely shrouded the baked goods in their aluminum sheath, its time to transfer them to the oven and place them directly on the middle rack.

Turn your oven to the “warm” setting. Your brownies should be sufficiently warm within 8 to 10 minutes.

Method #2: The Microwave for Reheating

Microwaves may not be great for cooking most foods but they are one of the best appliances around for reheating food. To reheat brownies within a microwave, the only other thing you will need is a plate that is safe to place within a microwave, i.e. no fancy plates containing metal. To reheat your brownie in the microwave, just place it on the plate and set the microwave to 15 seconds. Note the singular form of brownie; this method is not ideal for those times when you need to reheat multiple brownies at once.

Method #3: The Toaster Oven

A toaster oven will work just fine for heating up your brownies, so long as you have some aluminum foil to go with them. To reheat brownies in this manner, wrap them in foil just like if you were going to use an oven. Once the brownies are wrapped, move them to the rack of your toaster oven, set the device to “warm” and give the appliance just five minutes to do its job.

Method #4: The Normal Toaster

Yes, even a regular toaster that people use for making toast and heating bagels will suffice for reheating brownies, but not in the same manner as you would use it for those other foods.

To reheat a brownie with a toaster, you will want a small rack made of metal and place this rack over the top of your toaster. Place the brownie atop the rack and set your toaster to its highest heat setting, the darker the better.

Other Great Tips on How to Reheat Brownies

  • Always check to ensure that your brownies have reached the level of warm you were aiming for. Nothing is worse than biting into this delicious treat and getting two different temperatures in your mouth.
  • Not all appliances are made the same, so be aware that cook times can need some adjustment.
  • If you are reheating cold brownies, you have two options.
    • Give them more time to heat up than would otherwise be called or.
    • Allow the brownies to reach room temperature before attempting to reheat them.
  • One of the best things you can ever make with reheated brownies is as a dessert that pairs them with ice cream and some nice chocolate syrup. Feel free to add nuts or shaved chocolate.