How to Reheat Taco Meat?

Do you want to know how to reheat taco meat properly?

Taco Tuesday is a wonderful pseudo-holiday that has become increasingly popular in many parts of the world.

It’s a fun-filled day created to appreciate one of the greatest Mexican dishes in the world. However, after all the fun and frivolity has ended, many people find that they have an excess of taco supplies left over.

You want to use those taco meat in the following days, but it can be difficult in some cases to figure out how to reheat taco meat. The type of meat that you’ve had for your tacos can make a difference.

For all meat, remember that it is generally a good idea to only freeze and thaw a single time after cooking. If you’re taking leftovers out of the freezer, only thaw as much as you plan to eat.

Ground Beef

While “taco meat” can refer to any animal meat served on a tortilla, it most often is associated with ground beef.

When ground taco meat is put in a refrigerator or freezer, the fat and grease solidify around it, creating an odd-looking orange substance.

While this can be a turn-off for using this meat again, the fats are fine to eat, and the solids will disappear quickly when you apply heat.

1. Remove the ground beef from the fridge/freezer, and allow it to come up to room temperature. If your beef is frozen, it is best to allow it to rest in the fridge overnight to thaw slowly.

2. In a skillet, warm up the oil of your choice.

3. Sautee the ground beef in the oil until it becomes hot and the fat solids have liquified. Remember that the beef is already cooked, so it only needs a few minutes to warm back up.

A great idea, if you’re sick of always having leftover tacos, is to mix up your meals with your leftovers.

Instead of putting it back into tortillas, fry those tortillas into chips and make a nacho dish. Or, instead of warming the beef up, add it while cold to some beans, tomatoes, and vegetables for a quick Mexican chili.


Another of the most popular meats for tacos is seasoned chicken.

Reheating chicken can be done the same as reheating the ground beef but will take less time as there are no fat solids to have to worry about. Alternatively, chicken can also be reheated in the oven.

1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

2. Place chicken in the oven and allow it to come back up to temperature.

Although the chicken is already cooked, it is best practice to ensure that the chicken is able to come back up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, or around 75 degrees Celsius.

If chicken tacos are feeling old, explore other options. Throw leftover chicken directly into some stock and add some vegetables for a twist on normal chicken soup.

For enchiladas, mix the reheated chicken with cheese and refried beans, and wrap it all in a tortilla.

Place those tortillas in a baking sheet and cover in an enchilada sauce and cheese, and cook it in the same 425-degree oven for a few minutes, or until the cheese melts.