Reheat Meatballs in Oven

Meatballs are a classic foodie way to show your kids and even older adults that they are loved. Served with spaghetti or noodles, and some traditional tomato sauce, meatballs simply taste delicious. Not only are they easy to cook, but you can also easily reheat meatballs in oven to enjoy them all the same well after they’ve been cooked.

Whether you cook them using beef, lamb, or pork, they’re bound to be everyone’s favorite.

Cook a batch over the weekend and reheat meatballs in an oven whenever someone’s in the mood or if you’re simply too tired to come up with a new exciting dish for the day. Meatballs never disappoint!

The important thing to remember while reheating meatballs is that you don’t want to cook them more than you already have. You just want to warm them up enough for them to taste just as fresh and juicy as they were the day you cooked them.

Reheat Meatballs in Oven Without Sauce

If you’ve cooked them without sauce, the best way to reheat meatballs is in an oven.

  • Preheat the oven at 300° Fahrenheit
  • In one layer, evenly lay out the meatballs on top of a baking sheet (you can also put them directly on a baking dish)
  • Cover the meatballs with foil – this will prevent the meatballs from drying up
  • Heat meatballs in oven until evenly warm within and on the outside

How long you reheat meatballs in an oven depends on the size of the batch you’re reheating. However, even for a smaller batch, start with reheating for at least 15 minutes.

Reheat on Stove With Sauce

If on the other hand you’re reheating meatballs with sauce or some sort of gravy, reheat them on top of a stove along with the sauce.

  • Place both the meatballs and the sauce in a pan on top of a stove
  • Reheat over low heat until the meatballs are evenly warm within and outside

Similar to when you reheat meatballs in an oven, the time it takes will depend on the size of the batch. For a smaller batch, reheat on the stove for around 10 minutes, and add minutes depending on the additional number of meatballs.

Using a stove to reheat meatballs with sauce is a great way not to overcook your meatballs. Additionally, it will ensure that your meatballs don’t dry up since you’re reheating with the sauce or gravy you want to serve it with.

You can also choose to reheat meatballs using a microwave for about 2-3 minutes on high power. However, the best and most effective way is still to reheat meatballs in an oven when reheating without sauce. Use a  stove when reheating with sauce or gravy.