How to Reheat Chicken Cutlets?

If you’re wondering how to reheat chicken cutlets, I’m going to share with you at least four different methods for doing so.

Because they can be used in many different types of dishes, chicken cutlets are one of today’s most versatile poultry products.

Whether it be chicken parmigiana or chicken piccata, there may be situations where you’ll have leftover chicken cutlets on hand that need to be reheated.

Conventional Oven Heating to Reheat Chicken Cutlets

Reheating chicken cutlets in a conventional oven can take a little longer than other methods, but it can yield excellent results.

The cutlets can be reheated in a baking dish, on or wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil, or on an oven-safe utensil. Sprinkling a few drops of water over the cutlets before reheating can help to keep them moist.

For the best results, chicken cutlets should be reheated at a low temperature for a minimal amount of time.

How to Reheat Chicken Cutlets?

If the cutlets are reheated for too long and/or at too high a temperature, they can become tough and dried-out. In a preheated, low-temperature oven, chicken cutlets can be reheated in less than 10 minutes.

Braising In Liquid

When you reheat chicken cutlets by braising them in liquid, the cutlets remain moist, and you can have better control over the reheating temperature.

How to Reheat Chicken Cutlets?

If the cutlets are from dishes such as chicken parmigiana or chicken marsala, you can place some of the dish’s sauce in a saucepan or frying pan, then simmer the cutlet in the sauce over low heat.

For cutlets with no sauce, they can be braised in a small amount of water, stock, wine or other liquid.


Utilizing a steamer basket is a quick and healthy way to reheat chicken cutlets. If you have access to a steamer basket, just place the chicken cutlet in the steamer’s top insert while water is simmering in the bottom part of the steamer. Cover the steamer, and let the cutlets reheat for roughly three minutes.

Microwave Oven Heating to Reheat Chicken Cutlets

Many people are unsure of how to reheat chicken cutlets and they often overcook them when they reheat them in a microwave oven.

When you use this method of reheating, it’s very easy to overcook the cutlets. Reheating chicken cutlets in a microwave oven can make them tough and stringy. If your microwave oven has a “low” setting, that will probably work best.

Place the cutlets in or on a microwave-safe container and add a couple of drops of water to keep them moist. Cover the cutlets with a lid or paper towel, and let them heat for only a minute or two.

No matter which reheating method you choose to employ, be sure to enjoy some delicious chicken cutlets.