How to Reheat Rolls?

Buttery and delicious rolls are often a dinner staple. They go well with a variety of different foods and can be made easily. However, sometimes there are leftover rolls. You may be wondering how to reheat rolls properly.

This means that once the rolls have gone cold, you may want to reheat them in order to eat them again. There are actually a few different ways to reheat rolls, which are outlined below.

Reheating Rolls in the Microwave

Dinner rolls can be reheated in the microwave.

You will need to place the desired amount of rolls on a microwave safe plate. You will want to keep the rolls covered. This requires that you take a slightly damp towel and drape it over the top of the rolls.

Some individuals then wrap the rolls, around the plate, with another dry towel. However, this is not a necessary step.

The most important aspect of using the microwave to reheat rolls is that you do not overheat the rolls.

The rolls should not be too hot to touch. They should just be warmed through. This is because having the rolls too hot can lead to rolls that are too difficult to eat, as they will become chewy.

How to Reheat Rolls in the Oven

Reheating rolls in the oven is often the preferred method.

You will want to put a rack in the middle of the oven for your baking tray or dish to sit on.

Having this rack too low could cause the bottom of your rolls to burn, resulting in ruined rolls. Having the rack placed in the middle will result in evenly cooked rolls.

Bring the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the rolls on the baking tray and brush the rolls with melted butter.

You may choose to add more seasonings at this time. Bake until the rolls are warm, which will be around seven minutes.

Reheating in a Slow Cooker

Rolls can actually even be reheated in a slow cooker. This may be helpful if you are planning on having a dinner party or need them warm for a special occasion.

A damp towel will need to be placed on the bottom of the slow cooker. The rolls should be placed on top of this cloth. Cover the rolls with another damp towel and then replace the slow cooker lid.

Heat up the rolls by using the “low” setting on the slow cooker. This should take around thirty minutes.

After the rolls have been warmed through, you can turn the slow cooker to “warm”. The rolls can remain on this setting for around two hours. The rolls should never be put on the “high” setting.

Dinner rolls can be a delicious and buttery treat or an addition to a tasty meal. This is even true of reheated dinner rolls. If you have leftover dinner rolls, utilize these methods to heat them up again.