How to Reheat Pumpkin Pie?

Who doesn’t love leftover pumpkin pie? But if you prefer your pie warm from the oven, try these pro tips and tricks on how to reheat pumpkin pie.

Microwave Method

In the microwave, you can easily reheat a small amount of pie. One or two pieces of pie can be safely and effectively warmed up in the microwave very quickly.

Just place your pie on a microwave safe plate, and heat it up on the standard setting for 10-30 seconds.

If you’re not sure how long it will take, heat for 10 second increments at a time. Check if the pie is hot enough by lightly touching the middle of the piece.

The microwave is also less likely to dry out the crust or burn the surface of the pie than the oven. To ensure that the pie stays moist while heating, you can put a cup of water in the microwave at the same time.

You can also cover the pie with plastic wrap before reheating.

Oven Method to Reheat Pumpkin Pie

Reheating your pumpkin pie in the oven is convenient if you want to heat the entire pie up. It also means you can leave the pie in the original baking plate.

Pumpkin pie is best reheated in the oven from room temperature. Let your refrigerated pie stand on the counter for 20 to 30 minutes, but no more than 2 hours, before putting it in the oven to reheat.

When reheating in the oven, your main concern is preventing the crust from burning. Protect the outer crust edge of the pie by wrapping it with strips of aluminum foil. The filling shouldn’t burn, but if you are concerned that it may, you can cover the entire pie with foil.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake your foil-protected pie for 10-15 minutes. Some pies may require a lengthier reheating time.

Test a small piece of pie from the center of the plate to determine if your pie is hot enough. If you need to heat your pumpkin pie for longer, do so in 10 minute increments to prevent burning.

Extra Special Reheated Pie

Make your reheated pumpkin pie taste extra delicious by trying some of these fun ways to spice up your leftovers.

1. Literally add more spice.

Lightly sprinkle a tiny bit of nutmeg over the top. You’ll be amazed how a little extra spice will make your reheated pie taste even better. Alternatively, why not try a light dusting of cocoa powder?

2. Top it up.

Add a fun topping to your leftover pie like a swirl of fresh whipped cream, chopped candied pecans, warm cinnamon applesauce, a scoop of maple walnut ice cream, or a generous drizzle of hot fudge sauce or caramel.

Pumpkin Pie Safety Concerns

As with any pie containing eggs, milk or other dairy products, it’s always best to refrigerate your pumpkin pie after baking it, unless you intend to serve it immediately.

When leaving a cold, refrigerated pie out before reheating, remember to put it in the oven as soon as it reaches room temperature.

As long as your pumpkin pie was made with fresh ingredients, and it has been stored properly after originally baking, there should not be any other health concerns associated with reheating it.