How to Reheat London Broil?

There’s nothing like cooking a delicious London broil that is tender in the middle and that is covered with delightful seasonings and sauces. Unless you cut the meat before or after it’s cooked or you’re preparing it for a few people, then you could have quite a bit left over. I’ll share with you my best ways on how to reheat London broil.

Fortunately, you can reheat this type of meat with ease in a few simple steps.

Something to keep in mind about how to reheat London broil is that the meat can dry out fairly quickly. You can add a small amount of water to the exterior of the meat, melted butter, or a sauce that you like to keep the meat moist while it’s reheated.

Quick Heating

If you don’t have a large piece of London broil that you need to reheat, then putting it in the microwave is usually a good option.

Don’t let the meat heat for long periods of time. Instead, let the meat heat for about a minute at a time. Take it out to see if it’s to the temperature that you desire, turning it over in the container or on the plate before putting it back in the microwave for another minute.

It’s better not to put sauce on the meat if you put it in the microwave because the moisture in the sauce can be removed due to the higher heat of the microwave.

Oven Options to Reheat London Broil

If you have time, then reheating your London broil in the oven is usually the best option. The flavors will blend together in a way that you won’t get if you were to heat it in the microwave.

Depending on the temperature you set the oven to, your meat will usually be ready to enjoy after about 30 minutes. Turn the oven to 250 degrees. This is usually warm enough to heat the London broil without burning the meat or the other ingredients that are used.

A sheet pan should be used when reheating this type of meat so that you can handle it in the best way when putting the meat in the oven and removing it when it’s done.

After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the meat from the oven to check the temperature. You want to check it in the center of the meat as this is the last area that will reach the temperature that you desire.

When you remove the meat from the oven, you can add vegetables as a side dish or another favorite food that you enjoy.

This is also the time when you want to add any sauce or seasoning that you like. You could also put these items on the meat during the last 10 minutes of reheating so that the flavors have a chance to coat the meat.