How to Reheat Bread in Microwave?

When it comes to leftover dinner rolls, biscuits, and other of our favorite warm breads, you may think they can’t be reheated properly. Below, I’m sharing with you my tips on how to reheat bread in microwave.

If done the right way, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy these tasty carbs again and again!

Sure, nothing tastes as good as fresh as warm dinner rolls straight out of the oven; but if you reheat it the right way it can still be just as satisfying. You’ll be glad you took the time to learn how!

So, get to it and read more about tips on how to reheat bread in microwave like a champ and how to avoid easy mistakes.

Although it can get a bad rep in the cooking world, the microwave is still one of the greatest inventions ever created for the kitchen. It’s fast, energy efficient, pretty darn neat, AND can heat up your bread in no time! There are some precautions to take when you’re heating up bread in the microwave though.

If you stick a plate of dinner rolls in the microwave for 30 seconds, you’ll get a sad basket of soggy and chewy rolls. Don’t do it! All you have to do to ensure tasty, perfectly soft (but not too soft) bread is to get it a little moist first before you throw it in the microwave.

Simply, throw your rolls or biscuits in a microwavable bowl and layer a damp paper towel over them. The keyword here is ‘damp.’ If the paper towel is too wet, you will still end up with some sad, soggy rolls.

So be sure the paper towel is lightly wet and not dripping with water. Next step is to cover the rolls and paper towels with a dry kitchen towel. You could also use a bunch of dry paper towels if you wanted to.

After your basket of rolls is properly covered, you’ll throw it in the microwave. This is the part where you want to be very cautious. Just a few seconds can make a big difference here.

First, make sure your microwave is set on low wattage so that it doesn’t end up zapping your food as if it were a frozen dinner.

Run it on low power for about 15 seconds and then check on it. You want to feel the rolls with your finger and determine whether they feel warm or hot. If they are warm, take them out! They are perfect! If they are hot, there’s a chance you accidentally didn’t have your microwave on it’s low power setting.

A hot plate of rolls out of the microwave will most definitely be chewy. If they are still cool, keep them in for another 5 seconds and check again. Continue doing so until your rolls are up to your satisfaction.

Here’s another fun tip: If you don’t have paper towels around, simply place a cup of water in a microwavable cup in the microwave with the basket of rolls. This will create a moist atmosphere for them in the appliance, resulting in some tasty non-chewy rolls.

Best of luck experimenting with your reheating skills! One day it will all pay off and you’ll never have to eat another sad, chewy leftover piece of bread ever again.