How to Reheat Breaded Fish?

Do you know how to reheat breaded fish? Read my simple and easy tips below.

There’s nothing like eating a fresh piece of fried fish. From the crispy crust to the juicy and flaky meat, fish is a lighter way to enjoy deep fried foods. Another bonus is finding fried fish is extremely easy. You can buy it in frozen patties or sticks. For a fresh piece of fried fish, you can go to a restaurant or make it yourself.

Now, reheating leftover fish is another story. If you don’t use proper heating techniques, it can be difficult to recreate the initial crispy crust, which is a large part of its appeal. If you own a conventional oven, skillet, or toaster oven, following these steps teaches you how to reheat breaded fish.

If you have fifteen minutes, consider using a conventional oven to reheat your fish. As you preheat your oven, take your fish from the fridge to rest. This allows its internal temperature to increase and reduces the amount of cooking time.

Lay your fish on a baking sheet or large piece of aluminum foil and place it on the center rack of your oven for ten minutes. If your fish’s internal temperature isn’t 145 degrees, reheat it for a few more minutes.

A quicker heating method than using your oven is on the stovetop. You’ll need to keep a closer eye on your fish when heating it with a skillet. If you don’t want your entire house to smell like fish, open your windows prior to cooking.

Turn your skillet with cooking oil on high heat. Once hot, place your fish in. Reheating with a skillet should only take a few minutes. Once it reaches temperature, take your fish out to rest.

As tempting as microwaving breaded fish may be, this may not be a good idea. Because microwaves heat very quickly, your fish may be hot but the bread doesn’t have enough time to re-crisp. Your fish can also unevenly heat depending on the power level of your microwave.

If you’re using breaded fish that was frozen, you should thaw it out using the fridge overnight. If you’re in a hurry, you can either seal your fish in a plastic bag and submerge it in cold water or microwave it using the defrost option. This will partially thaw your fish enough to evenly heat.

If you’re reheating a leftover fish sandwich, you should reheat the bun and fish separately. You can wait until the last few minutes in the oven to toast the bun. It’s probably best you use a conventional oven or toaster, especially if you have condiments on the breading.

After removing the toppings, heat you fish patty, your bun, and add new sauce and toppings if possible so your sandwich isn’t dry. If you have fries or another side, leave space on your pan to heat them altogether.

Everyone can appreciate a well-cooked piece of fish. By using any of the provided methods, you’ll never have to throw away your leftover fried fish again.

Even if you use frozen fish, these techniques will allow you to enjoy crispy fillets, sticks, and nuggets. Just sure to make sure you properly thaw your fish before heating and the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees, and you’ll be all set.