How to Reheat a Chicken Pot Pie?

A chicken pot pie is usually a large meal that you can make for your family. It’s often a dish that is served at special events where there are several people who gather together. But how to reheat a chicken pot pie?

If you have leftovers, you can either freeze the pie or put it in the refrigerator with a lid. If you decide to reheat your chicken pot pie, keep in mind that it could end up too moist depending on the ingredients that are in the pie.

There are a few tips you can use pertaining to how to reheat a chicken pot pie so that you get the delicious flavors of the chicken, broth, and vegetables as well as a crispy crust on the top and bottom.

Using an Oven to Reheat a Chicken Pot Pie

Putting your chicken pot pie in the oven is usually the best way to reheat the dish. It will give you an even bake that you won’t get if you were to use a microwave.

An oven can also get hotter than a microwave, which is beneficial because of the chicken that’s in the pie as you want to ensure that it reaches a safe temperature to avoid any development of bacteria.

When you remove the pie from the oven, the crust will usually be crisp around the edges and flaky in the center instead of being too hard or too soft.

If you set your oven to low heat, then there will usually be an even heat throughout your pie that you likely won’t get if you use a higher setting.

When the oven is set higher, it can sometimes get the exterior of foods done too fast while leaving the center of dishes unevenly cooked. You can put aluminum foil over the pie to trap some of the heat so that the dish cooks as evenly as possible.

This can also help to create the flaky crust that is desired instead of burning the crust if it’s left uncovered.

From Freezer To Table

If you decide to freeze a pot pie that has been prepared, there are a few other steps that you want to take to ensure that your pie is cooked evenly.

You don’t want to put a frozen pot pie in a microwave as it won’t get done all the way through and will likely end up with the exterior tough and chewy.

When you put a frozen pie in the oven, you want to cover it with foil for the first 10 to 15 minutes of cooking.

Remove the foil so that it can cook for about another 20 minutes. Monitor the crust to ensure that it doesn’t burn, but you want to make sure the interior with the chicken and vegetables is of a safe temperature to eat.