Does Apple Butter Go Bad?

Does apple butter go bad? Even under the best conditions, any food will eventually turn sour. The good news is that storage tips and preparation can change the expiration date. Based on multiple circumstances, your apple butter can last for six months or for multiple years.

What Is Apple Butter?

During the holiday season, you are most likely to see this edible gift. Apple butter is made from fresh apples, spices, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar. The dark texture can be a sign of age or richness of flavor. It can be enjoyed as a spread on another treat, or used by itself as a snack. The versatility is endless, but when does apple butter go bad? Like any other food, the expiration date determines how you’ll store it. The good news is that no matter how many batches you make, it will take a long time for it to actually go bad. And just like peanut butter, a little mixing will make it as good as new.

How To Properly Pack

Properly packed apple butter will last longer than an MRE. Canning the product is the best way to store it. Outside of the traditional methods, storage in a plastic container is also a possibility. The only downside with the plastic container is that you lose a lot of the air tight convenience of traditional methods. With plastic as your go to storage, you are looking at a significant decrease in the quality and life expectancy of the product.

Canning – Resealable jars are the way to go for apple butter. Whether the batch is large or small, you can continue to dip into it as needed without worry of adding a lot to the expiration date. When canning, make sure that the seal is air tight. Modern day canning is one of the easiest kitchen habits you can develop

Freezing – It may sound strange at first, but can actually work out well. You can make pops, or you can actually seal it in a bag. The funny thing is that freezing doesn’t really extend the expiration date at all. You don’t gain any big advantages from this method other than having an alternative to canning.

Tips And Tricks for Using Apple Butter

An unopened jar of apple butter will last a longer than one that you are continuously dipping into. Consider making and canning smaller batches so that they stay fresher longer. Store the product in a cool, dry place at all times. If you create a label and write your own expiration date, check the actual product before throwing it out. Although it gets darker with age, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. Like fine wine, the age of apple butter provides a richer flavor. The only time you should consider throwing it away is if there is an odor, or you can clearly see mold.

Wrap Up

Apple butter is one of the oldest yet easiest recipes to make in the kitchen. Once you get the hang of it, apple butter becomes a yearly tradition in any household. Enjoy the deliciousness of your creation on toast, biscuits or other edible treats.