What are Butter Buds?

Modern consumers who are looking for ways to eat healthier might consider butter buds, but they first need to know more about them. What are butter buds might be a question asked by those looking for healthier diet options, and there is plenty of information online about them. They are a product that has been on the market for more than a decade, but there are still those discovering their nutritional information and taste for the first time.

Butter Buds Creation

Butter has long been a staple in many diets, but the fat and cholesterol it contains has been frowned upon. For those who want a healthier alternative, taste has long been an issue. Rather than using something created in a laboratory from artificial ingredients, there are now butter buds that can satisfy taste without concerns about chemistry. Bud creation is simple enough and it begins with real cream and milk from a real cow. Removing some of the fat and its cholesterol companion is done before turning these wholesome ingredients into butter. Then, the buds are formed and packaged for consumption.

Taste Considerations

Cooking and eating food is about nutrition for many, but taste considerations will often be a deciding factor. For those who want the taste of real butter without the fat and cholesterol, many products fail the taste test. Since they are made with the same ingredients as butter, buds can provide the same palate pleasing flavor of butter. Their origins are steeped in the product, and only the parts of the cream and milk that give butter a bad name have been removed. Full flavor was the goal in designing these precious nuggets, and it remains with them.

Cooking in the Kitchen with Butter Buds

For those who love to cook with butter, the good news is that this product can be used as a substitute. If a good cook wants to know what are butter buds, the answer is that they are simply butter in a different form. They can be used as a sprinkle on top of warm vegetables right before serving, or they can be cooked into almost any recipe. When sautéing any items it is recommended that an oil also be used in the pan to keep food from sticking, but sprinkling buds on the food as it cooks will give it the buttery taste desired.

At the Table

For those who love a concentrated taste when it comes to their butter, buds can be used at the table without the need for a butter knife. Simply open their package and start spreading goodness over a plate of food. Knowing they have lower cholesterol and fat can help make any person enjoying a meal feel good about their food, and they are less likely to add to any nutritional issues because they are not made of artificial ingredients. These factors combine in making this product one that can be shared with friends and family for any meal.

Butter Buds Taste Combinations

Today’s food is often a combination of ingredients, and butter buds have become a good way to add flavor. Combining them with other ingredients is done during packaging, and a variety of yummy taste combinations has been achieved. Garlic butter is one of the more popular, but going to the store and choosing flavors should help any individual find what they want.

For those seeking an alternative that has lower fat and cholesterol, butter buds is a product they could enjoy. Concentrated butter flavor with the ingredients they do not need has been removed before the product is created, so it has the same attributes or regular butter without the downsides.