Tens Unit for Skin Tightening

Tens Unit for Skin Tightening. Woman with styled skin.

As we grow older, one thing we notice as we look into the mirror is our sagging facial skin.

This is the result of our skin loosing it’s elasticity.

With the emphasis that society places on a youthful appearance, many people seek to halt and even reverse the aging process on their face.

Options for Skin Tightening

Until recently the standard treatment to erase the signs of ageing has been a surgical procedure.

During this procedure some skin may actually be removed and other skin tightened and lifted.

It has differing results; some people are so pleased with the results that they have several procedures as they age.

Of course there are people that are not as pleased after having the surgery.

Some people turn to injections of Botox, which is helpful to relax wrinkles and lines, thus giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Botox injections may or may not be used in conjunction with injections of filler.

Filler can sometimes give the effect of lifting and tightening the skin, thus giving a more youthful appearance.

These injections are usually done by a doctor in his office.

Microcurrent Treatment

A treatment that has become popular within the last 10 years is the microcurrent treatment known as the “lunch time facelift”.

This treatment uses the Faradic electrical current which is similar to the treatment of pain with a TENS unit.

This electrical current causes muscles to contract and therefore give skin the appearance of tightening.

It can be used tighten the neck and chin areas as well as to lift the eye brow and eye lid area.

The nasolabial fold (also known as the marionette lines) is another area where the tens unit can be used for skin tightening.

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Benefits of TENS Unit for Skin Tightening

Numerous benefits can be had by using the TENS unit for skin tightening.

Improved muscle tone, lifted jowls and eyebrows, lymphatic drainage, improved circulation, and skin exfoliation are among the benefits.

The microcurrent is also very useful in helping skin care product to penetrate the outer layer of skin and work its benefits down into the lower layers of the skin.

Another plus with the microcurrent treatment is that it can be done in an hour.

There is no down time after having the treatment. Microcurrent treatments can be done by a licensed esthetician in a spa setting.

Other Benefits of Microcurrent

Microcurrent has also been proven effective in instances of partial facial paralysis due to Bell’s Palsy and automobile accidents.

Improvement can be noted with the first treatment and continues to revitalize facial muscles with further treatment.

Results can be seen after the first treatment but are not lasting until the 6th to 8th session.

The treatments should be spread out no longer than 5 days apart. Maximum results are usually seen by the 12th to 14th treatment.

Maintenance treatments are recommended every four to eight weeks.