Reheat a Panini

People generally believe that reheating foods like paninis and sandwiches doesn’t work, and it is impossible to get a good result in trying to reheat a panini. This is, in fact, false.

In fact, it is actually not a complicated process to reheat a panini, and it takes only about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the method you choose to reheat it.

Read on to find out the easiest ways to reheat a panini, and one method you should avoid at all costs.

How to Store?

Before you can reheat a panini, it is important that you store it properly so that its freshness can be preserved for longer.


To store a panini in the fridge, you will have to double-wrap it. First wrap the panini in a parchment or wax paper, before putting it in a Ziploc bag or wrapping it in plastic. This will now remain safe in the fridge for up to days.

Do Not Freeze

You may feel like you won’t be able to consume your panini within two days, and be tempted to throw it in the freezer. Do not do that. It will destroy the texture of the bread, and make all the ingredients soggy and slightly tasteless. If you have leftover panini, it is best to consume it within two days.

How to Reheat a Panini?

There are two main methods you can use to reheat a panini, so that it preserves the best quality, taste and texture:

Using Stovetop

Using this method is fairly quick, and gives you good results within minutes.

  • Turn your stove on to a medium flame.
  • Place a flat frying pan or skillet on the stove, add some butter or oil on it, and preheat for a couple of seconds.
  • Once the pan is warm enough, place the panini on it.
  • Let it heat for about 30 to 50 seconds before flipping it over, depending on the size and ingredients of the paninis.
  • Heat for the same amount of time on the other side.
  • Check to see if fully heated before removing from the pan.
  • Serve immediately.

Using the Oven

If you have slightly extra time on hand, you can go with the oven method instead. This heats the panini more evenly.

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Butter each side of the panini if you want a bit golden crust.
  • Place the panini on a baking sheet or tray.
  • Heat for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Flip it over, and heat for an additional 5 to 7 minutes.
  • The timing depends on the size and ingredients of your panini, so it is a good idea to keep a close check on it during the second half.
  • When it is fully heated, remove from the oven and serve immediately.

Never Use a Microwave

A microwave may seem easy and convenient, but it will mess with the texture of the bread and make it soggy. And you will end up with a mess instead of the good panini you were hoping for.

So stick to the oven or stovetop method, and you will get a piping hot panini that will actually taste fresh.