Is Pomegranate Good for Dogs?

Is Pomegranate good for dogs? Indeed, pomegranates provide health benefits for humans and dogs. Through their fruit, juice, and extract, pomegranates provide numerous nutritional pluses. They are high in fiber, potassium, folic acid, and vitamin C.

Even with these potential benefits, eating raw pomegranates can give your fur baby an upset stomach. Some research suggests that tannins are the culprit. However, if you’re able to make dog treats with pomegranate, you can reduce the concentration of tannins, so your dog can reap the health benefits and avoid the upset stomach.

Benefits of Pomegranate Extract for Dogs

Research shows that supplementing your dog’s diet with pomegranate peel extract can have a positive impact on their digestive and gut health. We recommend that you avoid simply giving your dog the raw peel to eat, because they are unable to digest them.

Yet another study shows that pomegranate extract is good for your dog’s heart. Best practices suggest you contact your veterinarian if you want to supplement your dog’s diet with pomegranate (or any new item for that matter). Your veterinarian should know how much extract, and which parts of the fruit, to give your dog so they can gain the best benefits.

My Dog Ate My Pomegranate!

What’s done is done, so now you just have to wait. Give your fur baby plenty of water and keep a close eye on them. More than likely, your dog will pass the fruit with little problem. They will probably have an upset stomach and maybe even vomit, but no need to panic.

The symptoms are temporary and should be relatively harmless. If you notice prolonged or violent vomiting, notify your veterinarian right away. If your dog eats just the pomegranate seeds, he or she should be just fine.

A Host of Other Benefits of Pomegranate for Dogs

According to nutrition-and-you, pomegranate contains “ellagitannin compounds, such as Granatin B and Punicalagin.” Studies suggest these can reduce risk factors for heart disease. As mentioned, besides being high in Vitamin C and fiber, pomegranate juice is an excellent source of antioxidants for dogs.

For the best effect, avoid just giving your dog the seeds. Instead, simply add pomegranate juice to their food. They will love it! As an added bonus, nutritionists suggest pomegranate can help with weight and cholesterol reduction, boosting immunity, and protecting your dog from certain cancers.

A Few Last Words

Although pomegranates are nutritious food for dogs, the food is still controversial. As mentioned, since the fruit is full of seeds, it can be hard to digest, causing stomach pain and possible vomiting. However, if your dog has a sound digestive system and has no allergies to seedy fruits, experiment by adding small amounts of mashed pomengranate or juice to their food.