Are Cheerios Good for Dogs?

Healthy foods are important for those who want to live a good life, and Cheerios are advertised as a great way to get whole grains without a lot of added sugar. They are considered one of the better breakfast foods on the market, and many people love them. Parents, often looking for good snacks for their small children, have found they are one of the perfect foods for small children. A toddler can spend time eating them as singles, and parents need not be concerned about nutrition. Are Cheerios good for dogs can be a question asked by those who love their pets and want to make sure they get healthy snacks also.

Are Cheerios Good for Dogs to Eat?

The short answer is that they are not a bad snack as far as most human foods go, but they are not the best snack for dogs either. While they do contain some protein, they are a grain based food. Dogs have their own nutritional requirements, and protein is one of the more important ones. A quick snack of breakfast cereal offers little nutritional value for a dog, but it will not make them ill.

Important Information That You Should Know

For those still wondering are Cheerios good for dogs, there are a few considerations when it comes to snacks and meals. In truth, they are a bad meal for a dog due to a lack of nutritional content for the animal. Yes, they are fine as a small treat when pouring out a bowl for a human’s breakfast. The dog can have a few of them with their owner in the morning, but substituting them for regular dog snacks just will not do in the long run. Dog biscuits and treats are specifically formulated for their needs, so they are a better choice.

Children are often given Cheerios as a snack in their highchair, and many have observed their dog waiting around for a few to drop. A dog is almost better than a vacuum cleaner when it comes to cereal pieces on the floor, and it can be a concern for pet lovers. Those few pieces of Cheerios will not hurt the dog, and they will make cleaning up after the toddler easier for the parent. It is still important to remember that these are not a recommended nutritional supplement even though they are not dangerous to dogs.

While they are not harmful for canines, finding a good treat at the market is a better option. Dogs love to get attention from their humans, and giving them a reward or snack is always welcome. For those who have not had enough time to head out to the store to refill their puppy’s snack jar, a good scratch behind the ear will do just as well for their dog as a few pieces of cereal tossed their way.