Is Green Tea Good for Dogs?

Sometimes, a warm cup of green tea can help soothe a sore throat or provide other benefits for your health that medications don’t seem to help. When you wonder is green tea good for dogs, the answer might surprise you. The beverage does offer a few benefits for dogs just as it does for people. Avoid giving hot tea to your dog as you don’t want to burn his mouth. The following are a few benefits of the tea and ways that you can prepare it for your pet.

Green Tea is Good for Dog’s Immune System

One of the benefits of green tea for your dog is that it can boost your pet’s immune system. This is similar to how it boosts your own immune system as there are antioxidants in the tea. When your dog’s immune system is the best that it can be, then the possibility that your pet gets sick decreases. If you have several pets in your home or your dog stays outside, possibly coming in contact with other animals during the day and at night, then green tea could provide the immunity boost that is needed to stay healthy during the year.

Types of Tea

Aside from making tea as you would if you were drinking it for yourself, there are chewable bites that you can give to your dog. If you make a bowl or cup of tea, avoid adding sugar to it so that it’s not sweet as this can sometimes impact your dog’s health. There are also extracts that can be added to your dog’s water or food if you don’t want to prepare a serving of green tea.

Green Tea for Curbing Cancer

A benefit that you might not be aware of that is offered by green tea is that it can offer protection for your dog against cancer. From breast cancer to stomach cancer, green tea is beneficial in slowing the growth of cells that could already be present. A chewable tablet is often best for cancer prevention and the slowing of cell growth.

For Odors

If you have pets inside your home, then you know that there are times when the odors from their urine and feces can be overwhelming. Green tea can take the smell out of your dog’s waste, making it a bit more pleasant to keep him inside your home, especially when it’s raining or cold and you don’t want your dog to stay outdoors. Keep in mind that your dog’s diet can also be a factor in the odor of urine and feces. Try to keep your dog on the same type of food with green tea as an addition so that your pet’s digestive system isn’t irritated by new foods that might disagree with his stomach.

So, is green tea good for dogs? The answer is YES!