Are Pinto Beans Good for Dogs?

When you think about eating pinto beans, you might think about adding them to chili, eating them with tacos or turning them into a tasty soup. You might not have never really thought of them as being an ingredient to give to your dogs. Now, though, you could be wondering, “Are pinto beans good for dogs?” Once you learn a little more, then you will know about whether or not you should add pinto beans to your dog’s diet.

Can You Give Pinto Beans to Dogs?

If you would like to share pinto beans with your dog, you will probably be happy to know that beans are generally considered to be safe for dogs. Of course, it is smart to talk to your veterinarian before introducing any new food to your dog’s diet.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Pinto Beans to Your Dog?

It can actually be advantageous to serve pinto beans to your dog for a few reasons. Dried beans are typically quite affordable, so you might find that this is a budget-friendly addition to your dog’s diet. Additionally, beans are a great source of certain nutrients, such as fiber and protein, so you can actually enhance your dog’s diet by serving them. They’re also typically pretty easy to prepare, particularly if you buy them in a can, so it shouldn’t be too hard to add pinto beans to your dog’s diet.

Are There Any Concerns About Giving Pinto Beans to Dogs?

Beans don’t just make humans gassy; they can have a similar impact on dogs, too. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with your dog’s gas, make sure that you serve pinto beans in small quantities. This is particularly important if your dog is not accustomed to eating pinto beans.

Additionally, you should be mindful of portions when serving pinto beans or any other “human food” to your dogs due to the possibility of weight gain. Many dogs will overindulge in these types of treats, and keeping your dog at a healthy weight is important for its overall health. Therefore, try serving in small portions at first. If you notice that your dog begins gaining weight after you start serving it pinto beans, you may want to reduce its portion or discontinue feeding for a while.

How to Serve

You can give cooked pinto beans to your dog by themselves if you want to. Make sure that they cool down to room temperature before serving them so that your dog does not burn its mouth. In addition to serving them as-is, you can also try mixing them in with your dog’s food.

Serving your dog pinto beans might not be a bad idea at all. Just follow the tips above when doing so, and consider talking to your vet about any concerns that you might have. Then, you can make sure that you are serving your dog pinto beans the right way.