Is Granola Good for Dogs?

Do you wonder if your dog can eat granola? Is granola good for dogs? You probably think since granola is healthy for you with its whole grains and fiber, that it would be healthy for your dog too. Because dogs like to crunch and chew, you might be curious if a granola bar would be a good doggie treat. However, you need to consider all the ingredients present in your granola product of choice.

Granola for Fiber and Healthy Digestion for Dogs

The two most common whole grains in granola are rolled oats and brown rice, both of which are not dangerous for dogs in defined quantities. In fact, dog food contains whole grains such as cornmeal to provide carbohydrates and fiber. The problem with giving your dog the granola you eat is that the amount of fiber is not calculated for dog consumption. One of the largest risks of giving your dog part of your granola bar is that he will ingest too much fiber for his digestive health, resulting in diarrhea.

Ingredients in Granola to Consider

Many granola bars contain nuts, and dogs can have sensitivities and allergies to nuts, just like we do. The fattier nuts like macadamias and pecans can be difficult for your dog to digest. As a general rule, avoid giving your dog granola with nuts. If you dog has a tolerance for peanuts and peanut butter, he may enjoy a little on top of a little plain granola for an occasional, special treat.

Toxic Ingredients

Many granola products also contain raisins, which are toxic to dogs. If dogs ingest grapes or raisins, they can experience potentially fatal kidney failure. Granola that contains chocolate can also cause toxicity in dogs, so chocolate should always be avoided. Granola bars and other granola products that have artificial sweeteners added should be avoided by dogs. Excess sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives can cause diarrhea and vomiting in your dog, and may necessitate a trip to the vet.

Healthy for Humans, Not Dogs

Just because we grab a granola bar for a healthy snack and our dog is begging for a piece of it, doesn’t mean it is a healthy option for our dog. What is healthy for humans to consume may not always be healthy for dogs to consume. If you want to give your dog a little granola for a treat, you need to make sure the granola has the right ingredients. As mentioned above, not all ingredients are safe for your dog to eat. So if you want to enjoy a little granola with your dog, choose to make your own granola with ingredients you know are safe and healthy for your dog.

Homemade Granola Dog Treats

You can find healthy recipes for homemade granola dog treats made from ingredients that are safe for your dog. Since dogs love peanut butter, you can find many recipes using peanut butter. You can even make your own peanut butter to avoid the added sugar in store bought jars of peanut butter. Many of the recipes for granola dog treats include ingredients like rolled oats, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, shredded dried fruit like apples or blueberries (not raisins), beaten egg, almond milk or low fat yogurt, and peanut butter.

Conclusion: Is Granola Good for Dogs?

The answer to this question depends on the ingredients in the granola. If the granola contains raisins, chocolate, or nuts, the answer is no. If all of the ingredients in the granola are considered safe for dogs to ingest, then the answer is yes. The best option may be to make your own doggy granola treats and then you will know exactly what ingredients are in them. If you are unsure if an ingredient in the granola is safe or not for your dog, either ask your veterinarian or avoid giving the granola to your dog.