How to Reheat McDonalds Burger?

Cold burgers are a problem of the past. Keep reading to find out how to reheat McDonalds burger!

A McDonald’s burger is a long-standing symbol of American culture.

Grabbing a quick burger for lunch, going through the drive-thru after a night out, or going on a cute date under the golden arches are things everyone knows well.

Fresh burgers are great, but fresh isn’t always an option. Sometimes there are leftovers or the food gets cold before it makes it home, so when that happens these tips on how to reheat McDonalds burger will come in handy.

If It Has Been in the Refrigerator

If the burger has been in the fridge for a period of time, microwave the entire burger.

Keep the burger wrapped in its original paper, and microwave it for approximately 35 seconds.

This should be enough to warm the burger and buns without creating a soggy, steaming mess.

If It Got Cold on the Way Home

Sometimes food can get cold because we get stuck in traffic or the delivery guy takes too long.

If your burger is still fresh but needs reheated, trying microwaving only the burger.

Unwrap your hamburger and carefully take one bun off. Put your hamburger patty on a small, microwave-safe plate, and insert it into the microwave.

If you ordered a cheeseburger, you’ll likely want to reheat the cheese slice on the patty as well. Microwave the patty for approximately 25 seconds.

This method should take less time due to less of the burger being reheated.

If It Has Cold Toppings

If your burger has cold toppings that won’t taste good if reheated such as lettuce or tomato, it requires a little more effort.

Unwrap the paper, take off one bun, and remove any toppings you want to remain cold. Set the toppings aside on a plate so you can add them afterwards.

Place the bun back on the burger, carefully re-wrap it in its paper, and microwave it for approximately 35 seconds.

When your burger is reheated to a temperature that suits you, carefully unwrap the paper again. Remove one bun and add the toppings back onto the burger. Replace the bun and enjoy.

Microwave Times and Differences

The time your burger needs to be in the microwave may vary based on which microwave oven you are using.

Start with the recommended time and increase as needed, checking on your food in ten second increments. Don’t forget to check that the burger is thoroughly heated throughout.

Safety Tips to Remember

Your burger, wrapping paper, and any dish that comes out of the microwave will be very hot! Use an oven mitt or dishcloth to prevent burns.

Let your food cool slightly before eating to prevent burning your mouth and tongue.

Only use dishes that are microwave-safe. Never put metal in a microwave.

If your burger comes in a silver wrapper, do not put the paper in the microwave. The wrapper is likely to catch fire and put you at risk.

If you are under eighteen years of age, do not attempt unless you have adequate supervision when using kitchen appliances.