How Many Calories In a Freeze Pop?

Freeze pops are excellent treats when the weather gets warm. They’re portable, convenient and delicious.

But if you’re on a diet, you might wonder, “How many calories in a freeze pop?” Different brands have distinct calorie counts.

How Many Calories in a Freeze Pop?

The average freeze pop contains about 40 calories. However, the calorie count varies depending on the brand and size of the pop.

For example, Pop Ice freeze pops contain 90 calories per serving. However, four popsicles make up one serving. Therefore, each pop only contains 22.5 calories.

Some other calorie counts for popular brands of this frozen treat include:

• Kool-Aid Freeze Pops: 22.5 calories per pop

• Fun Pops Ice Pops: 50 calories per pop

• Fla-Vor-Ice: 22.5 calories per pop

• Otter Pops: 15 calories per pop

• Juicy Juice Freezer Pops: 18 calories per pop

Are Freeze Pops Unhealthy?

Freeze pops are relatively low in calories. They can be a guilt-free treat that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Most are also fat free and count as fluids if you’re monitoring your water intake.

But the majority of freeze pops don’t offer much nutritional value. Most freezer pops are made from water, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings and artificial flavors.

They can provide energy and hydrate you, but they’re not a high-quality source of vitamins or minerals.

Healthier Freeze Pops

Some brands have added benefits, though. Juicy Juice Freezer Pops are made with juice.

They don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or artificial flavorings. However, they still contain sugar and have a low nutritional value.

GoodPop Organic Freezer Pops are made from 100% fruit juice. They have no added sugar, but they don’t contain vitamins or minerals.

They only have about 35 calories per pop, but the calorie count varies depending on the flavor.

Deebee’s Organic Superfruit Freezer Bars are vegan, naturally flavored and non-GMO. They also contain some vitamin C.

If it’s an especially warm day or you’re playing sports in the sun, you might opt for an electrolyte freezer pop.

These have compounds that help your body absorb fluids and stay hydrated. Sqwincher Squeeze Electrolyte Freezer Pops come in a regular and sugar-free variety.

The regular pops contain 45 calories each, while the sugar-free kinds have 20 calories per treat.

People who are dieting can eat a few freeze pops without adding too many extra calories to their diets.

Freeze pops can be hydrating, but they’re probably not going to fill you up too much because they’re largely devoid of nutritional value.

Still, they can be a tasty treat, and they shouldn’t sabotage your diet unless you’re regularly eating the entire box.