Cream of Wheat Health Benefits

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to the same old oatmeal for breakfast? Cream of wheat is an enriched hot cereal to start your day in a positive direction. Did you know that there are some tremendous benefits to this superfood that should not be ignored?

Protein and Carbohydrates

Cream of wheat contains whole-wheat and complex carbs to keep you full for hours. It’s a great breakfast option for busy adults who have hectic days at the office. Surprisingly, there is also the right amount of protein to fuel your muscles. You can add some great flavor by adding almond milk and some seasonal fruit.


Cream of wheat will do a lot to make your bathroom trips more enjoyable. The fiber in cream of wheat normalizes bowel movements and promotes bowel health. You’ll have fewer chances of becoming constipated with loads of fiber in your diet. Fiber also does a lot to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. You’ll also decrease your risk of colon cancer by eating high-fiber foods.


B-Vitamins are needed to fuel your body for daily activities. Pregnant women will benefit from the increase in folic acid by adding cream of wheat to their diets. It’s great to add cream of wheat to your diet if veggies and salads are not your cups of tea.

Cream of Wheat Health Benefits


Calcium can be added to the long list of the cream of wheat health benefits. You need calcium for healthy bones and muscles, and you’ll get even more from the milk that is added. You will get over 300 milligrams of calcium from just three tablespoons of cream of wheat and one cup of milk.


You do not get your iron only from eating red meat. You need iron for your red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. One serving of cream of wheat provides over ten milligrams of iron, which is more than the recommended amount daily.

Weight Management

Skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain and obesity. The whole grains, fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in cream of weight are filling and not very high in calories. You’ll be able to maintain or lose weight because of the calorie deficit that is created. With a filling breakfast, your blood sugar will stabilize, preventing you from binge eating. The cereal is energy-dense compared to many other options.

Cream of wheat should be added to your breakfast cereal list. Use different toppings like maple syrup, cinnamon, walnuts, or vanilla to keep it interesting. You’ll have to make it tasty to get your kids on the bandwagon. You can save time by baking the cream of wheat the night before. Soon you’ll be on your way to better health from this little bowl of magic.