Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Skateboarding, like most other sports, offers participants a plethora of astonishing health benefits. Although skateboarding carries risks, the news that it benefits participants is reassuring, considering most of those performing the cool skateboard tricks are teens and 20-somethings. That benefit is the very first of many that skateboarders enjoy. Getting teens and the younger ones outside in the fresh air is an achievement in itself. It seems that video games and the internet have taken over our youth and nowadays, they spend more time sitting inside their houses using these products than they do outside in the sun and fresh air, enjoying sports and life they way they should.

Apart from this initial benefit, skateboarding offers perks for participants of all ages, which include:

Improved Flexibility: Skateboarders are less tense and more flexible than the average person, specifically in their legs and ankles. Skaters must stay limber when skating; thus flexibility is essential.

Full-Body Workout: Not only does skateboarding keep the feet and legs moving, but it also works the arms as you balance yourself. Your Body twists in various positions simultaneously with other movements, to keep your body in motion, flexible, and movement.

Improved Physical Endurance: Skateboards spend long hours perfecting each trick and skill. This increases physical endurance tremendously.

Improved Coordination: Skateboarding requires coordination between feet, legs, arms, and eyes. The more time a person spends on their board, the more coordination they gain. Improved coordination helps a person in many areas of their life.

Teaches Precision: Skateboarding tricks require many motions performed simultaneously to perfect. It takes plenty of practice to master many skateboarding tricks. Each time a skater practices his trick, he learns more precision.

Burns Calories: Skaters burn between 150 – 500 calories per hour they’re on the board. The actual number of calories burnt depends on the intensity of the skating.

Relieves Stress: Everyone needs activities they enjoy that also helps them minimize stress. 54% of Americans say their level of stress concerns them and the National Institute of Stress says that it’s a silent killer. Skateboarders take their minds off their stressors, which is good for the health.

Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Exciting Skateboarding Health Benefits

Health benefits of skateboarding such as those outlined above should inspire more people to get out on their boards and enjoy this sport a little bit more. No matter who you are, how old you are, or where you live, skateboarding is an exciting sport that helps you live your best life possible. This list is incomplete, as many additional skateboarding health benefits are also awaiting participants. With so many health benefits of skateboarding, why not enjoy the sport/hobby yourself?