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Christmas Fruitcake Story Contest

What’s your fruitcake story? Submit by December 16th. Must 250 words or less. If the word count is too high, you’ll be eliminated. Winner receives a copy of Feeding the Whole Family for Christmas.

When I was in college at Wichita State University, every Christmas Eve the theater majors would go out caroling. There were some decent voices and it sounded pretty sweet. We often went to Max and Barbara Schaible’s house and one year Max wasn’t there but Barbara was and she graciously gifted us with a fruitcake. It was in my hands. Later in the evening (okay we sometimes drank some wine between houses) we were at someone’s house I didn’t know. They were having a party. One of the guests, who stepped forward, was Max Schaible and without thinking I walked up to him after Good King Wenceslas and, smiling, handed him the fruitcake. He was charmed. For some unknown reason, even later, we decided to drop by the Schaible’s house again and Barbara seemed very confused as to why Max had come home bearing the fruitcake she had given us. Obviously I had no explanation.

OUR WINNER IS Jacqueline!  Loved the line”Funny how nostalgia makes things taste better.”  Indeed.  Happy Holidays.