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Vegetarian + Gluten-Free Recipes

In our never-ending attempts to please our Cookus audience, we offer a choice of main entrees this week that are both gluten-free and meatless. All three are staple meal entrees in our home.

Hope they can be favorites in your home too.

Besides learning how to cook three delicious dishes, you’ll find out other stuff about the Cookus family by watching these videos. Answer these three questions in the comment section below and those who give the right answers will automatically enter to win a hardcover copy of The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home: The happy luddite’s guide to domestic self-sufficiency. Ken Albala and Rosanna Nafziger Henderson spread the spirit of antiquated self-sufficiency throughout the household. They offer projects that are decidedly unplugged and a little daring such as how to make acorn crepes, pomegranate molasses, smoked trout and ALSO craft your own soap, broom and a braided rug. There’s not another book like this!

1. What’s the name of the hotel Steve and Cynthia discuss going to?

2. What kind of job does Jane get (for a short period of time…)?

3. Who’s tie does Jane borrow for her work outfit?

Remember, you have to be a Cookus Interruptus subscriber to win (home page upper left) . Contest ends Friday October 12 at 5pm. Winner will be contacted soon after (check your email!).

Those tiny French lentils become majestic when joined by sage, scallion and currants sauteed in butter then drizzled with Queen Balsamic. Click here for printable recipe. My MOST favorite fall stew. At the peak of early fall fresh corn, dried beans and winter squash emerge together. Collect the harvest of these three sisters and prepare this cinnamon and chili kissed warm stew. Click here for recipe. People who think they dislike tempeh change their minds after tasting this flavorful dish. We usually serve it with a whole grain such as Quinoa . Click here for recipe.