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Do you clean as you go?

dirtydishesinvernonhillshome1I read the “substitution” blog comments to a room of aunts and cousins and had their rapt attention. Animated discussion broke out. Everyone had an “aha” moment. Keep ’em coming! The Top-10 list will be announced next week along with the apron winner.

This week’s discussion: Why do some people clean as they cook as others leave a mess to be cleaned up later? Is it Gender? Heredity? Personality? Upbringing? Selfishness? Commercial training? What do you do? Why?

Substitution Contest: Win a Prize

quinoasalad1I called Cynthia from the store last year because I wanted to make a substitution for the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. Pine nuts were over $20/lb. She said, “You can use sunflower seeds but it won’t be Mediterranean anymore.” I can live with that. Sunflower seeds were less than $2/lb. Emboldened, I subbed raisins for currants, saving more money still.

I’m learning that you can eat organic without being rich. Let’s help each other out! Let’s make a top 10 list of substitutes. The criteria: money saved and quality gained or lost in the switch. (For example, “sawdust for beef” saves $ but won’t score high) The winning entry (judged naively by me) wins a Cookus apron, signed by the Cookus cast.