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Book Giveaway: Clean Soups by Rebecca Katz


Do you know Rebecca Katz? What a spicy, fun, adorable, talented, smartie she is. We’re so proud to giveaway a copy of her brand new (fifth?) cookbook: Clean Soups.

Crack this beauty open to find 60 seriously delicious soups. Perfect timing as cool fall weather sneaks in. As Rebecca says, “Soup is the ultimate culinary hug!”

Win this cookbook, heave ho your soup pot, and simmer! Here’s how: Continue reading

Book Giveaway: The Forest Feast


Grace from the lovely state of Virginia won the book!

Contest closed.

Brought to you by the Bastyr University Bookstore (thanks Marty!) we’re giving away a copy of the festive vegetarian cookbook The Forest Feast.

Erin Gleeson made her dream a reality when she left New York City and moved into a tiny cabin in a California forest in order to be closer to nature. The natural beauty of her surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for The Forest Feast, based on her popular blog. Most of the book’s 100 wholly vegetarian recipes call for only three or four ingredients and require very few steps, resulting in dishes that are fresh, wholesome, delicious, and stunning.  Peek inside on Amazon. Continue reading

Book Giveaway: The Longevity Kitchen


We are honored to feature Rebecca Katz’s latest cookbook, The Longevity Kitchen, for our next giveaway.

Totally in line with the Cookus Interruptus way, Ms. Katz’s over 100 recipes combine smart nutrition and superb flavor.  She has chosen the top sixteen foods proven to fight the most common chronic condition to center the recipes around. She draws on the latest scientific research to explain how super foods such as asparagus, basil, coffee, dark chocolate, kale, olive oil, sweet potatoes, and wild salmon can build immunity, lower cholesterol, enhance memory, strengthen the heart, and reduce your chances of developing diabetes and other diseases. Rebecca describes  the health advantages of each main ingredient, and includes menu plans to address specific symptoms and detailed nutritional information for each recipe. Continue reading

Book Giveaway: Fermented Foods For Health


This fabulous book from colleague extraordinaire has just hit the shelves.  It’s timely, well-researched, full of vital information and healing recipes AND we’re giving away a copy!

Use the Power of Probiotic Foods to Improve Your Digestion, Strengthen Your Immunity, and Prevent Illness
by Deirdre Rawlings

We advocate eating fermented foods as a part of your daily diet on Cookus Interruptus (hence our sourdough bread fundraiser, recipes for sauerkraut and more). Fermentation is a process that uses microscopic organisms to transform food into easily digested, long-lasting, probiotic rich foods.   Increasing good bacteria in your diet is important for intestinal health—and a healthy intestinal tract means a healthy immune system, as 70% of our immune system resides in the intestines.

Holistic nutritionist and naturopath Deirdre Rawlings, Ph.D., makes  incorporating these vital foods into your meals simple and accessible. She does this not only with recipes for relishes, tonics, chutneys, yogurt, kefir and more, but also by clearly outlining these powerful foods work therapeutically.

I’m often confounded by the constant bickering between advocates of restrictive diets; each side claiming their way is the right way. Ms. Rawlings supersedes the nutrition rabble babble by cutting to one of chief causes of our ill health – poor gut bacteria – and gives us a toolkit for feeling better.

You want this book; you NEED this book, right?  Be the winner.  Here’s how to enter: Continue reading

Book Giveaway: Pure Beef

CONTEST CLOSED!  Thanks everyone.

Several of the last few Cookus Interruptus cookbook giveaways have been vegetarian-based.  So to keep the score balanced, we’re giving a big yee haw to Lynne Curry’s new hardback book Pure Beef.

This 276-page book with color photography is an up-close look at grass-fed beef. “Complete with learning recipes in every chapter and detailed beef cut and butchering illustrations, this cookbook presents a trove of modern and creative beef recipes arranged by cut for easy reference. It will inform and inspire you on your personal journey to eating sustainably and well.”

There are over 140 recipes included that celebrate flavors from every culture.  I’m eying Jamaican Jerked Tri-Tip with Coconut Scallion Rice and Feta Stuffed Sliders as I type. Her introduction is titled “How a Former Vegetarian Came to Write a Beef Cookbook and Why it Had to be Written”.  She’s sure right on the “why” part.  There talk a’plenty about why we should purchase grass-fed beef but little accurate information about how to treat it and cook it well.  Until Lynne stepped forward. Continue reading

Book Giveaway: The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook


Subtitle: Vegetarian Recipes Carnivores Will Devour

And where did those jig-inducing falafels we are featuring come from?  That’s right – Kim O’Donnel’s happy vegetarian cookbook. Organized by season her recipes offer something fro everyone.  In fact, she codes the recipes so you can quickly find one that matches your vegan, gluten free, optional dairy, “kiddos” inclinations.  There’s even a code to let your know the recipe will provide great leftovers.  Kim is cheerful but also uber-practical. Continue reading

Book Giveaway: At the Kitchen Table

The Craft of Cooking at Home.

CONTEST CLOSED!  Thanks everyone.

Greg Atkinson is so modest (and handsome…). As a chef and writer, Greg truly cares about the source of the food he works with. Having spent time  visiting local vineyards and working with local fisherman gives him a seed-to-table perspective that I admire.  But according to him, the measure that’s most valuable is the amount of heart that brings people together for a meal.  Ain’t that the truth.

Continue reading

Book Giveaway: Meatless Celebrations

CONTEST CLOSED.  Thanks Everyone!

Year-Round Vegetarian Feasts (You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into)

I saw colleague Kim O’Donnel with a hot off the press copy of this pretty book at a recent gathering and she was clutching it and beaming at it like the newborn creation it is. Kim is the founder of Canning Across America, a collective dedicated to the revival of preserving food. And her latest project is Family Kitchen, a twice-monthly column that appears alternating Wednesdays in USA Today.

The cool thing about Kim authoring this book is that she knows meat eaters. In fact, she is one. Continue reading

Vegetarian + Gluten-Free Recipes

In our never-ending attempts to please our Cookus audience, we offer a choice of main entrees this week that are both gluten-free and meatless. All three are staple meal entrees in our home.

Hope they can be favorites in your home too.

Besides learning how to cook three delicious dishes, you’ll find out other stuff about the Cookus family by watching these videos. Answer these three questions in the comment section below and those who give the right answers will automatically enter to win a hardcover copy of The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home: The happy luddite’s guide to domestic self-sufficiency. Ken Albala and Rosanna Nafziger Henderson spread the spirit of antiquated self-sufficiency throughout the household. They offer projects that are decidedly unplugged and a little daring such as how to make acorn crepes, pomegranate molasses, smoked trout and ALSO craft your own soap, broom and a braided rug. There’s not another book like this!

1. What’s the name of the hotel Steve and Cynthia discuss going to?

2. What kind of job does Jane get (for a short period of time…)?

3. Who’s tie does Jane borrow for her work outfit?

Remember, you have to be a Cookus Interruptus subscriber to win (home page upper left) . Contest ends Friday October 12 at 5pm. Winner will be contacted soon after (check your email!).

Those tiny French lentils become majestic when joined by sage, scallion and currants sauteed in butter then drizzled with Queen Balsamic. Click here for printable recipe. My MOST favorite fall stew. At the peak of early fall fresh corn, dried beans and winter squash emerge together. Collect the harvest of these three sisters and prepare this cinnamon and chili kissed warm stew. Click here for recipe. People who think they dislike tempeh change their minds after tasting this flavorful dish. We usually serve it with a whole grain such as Quinoa . Click here for recipe.

Winners of Feeding the Young Athlete


Swings…loved going so high you felt like flying, playing frogger, doing crazy flippity dismounts. Now my 4 and 2 year olds spend most of their park time on the swings!
Christina from Santa Barbara

Do we have to pick just one…? I loved the pogo stick where I would just hop around all day but also the monkey bars, swings, jump ropes…and the list goes on!
Julie from Las Vegas

Keep moving ladies and gentlemen!  Flippety, froggin’ and pogo-in’.

And you can purchase Feeding the Young Athlete through Amazon (less than 10 bucks – it’s a virtual steal!).  Click here.