Book Giveaway: 75 Homemade Salad Dressings

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Spring cleaning, inside and out, can lead to the desire for greens glorious greens.  And I know I have a tendency to lean toward those three easy salad dressings that I make all the time.  You too?  Well this charming little book is for you.

Jeff Keys’ focus on simplicity, variety, and seasonal ingredients combined with the ease of flipping through this cookbook makes creating homemade salad dressings easy and satisfying. Top your favorite greens with Honey-Roasted Raspberry Vinaigrette or give your salad a toss with a dressing that has an international flavor such as Simple Spanish Sherry Vinaigrette or Asian Ginger-Lime Vinaigrette. If you are feeling like a slaw, try Caribbean Slaw Dressing, or if a creamy dressing sounds tempting, Creamy Lemon, Fresh Tarragon, and Pink Peppercorn Dressing might fit the bill.

Here’s how to enter to win this salad-happy book:

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3.  What’s your favorite UNUSUAL ingredient to add to salad?  I can be terribly predictable with salad.  Almost always adding Sweet Glazed Nuts (where Steve explains phone manners) and making a balsamic vinaigrette (careful this video is PG-13).  BUT, when the unusual notion hits me, I might add edamame or smoked salmon and whisk up some Asian flavored dressing.  Okay.  YOUR TURN.   Type your answer as a comment to this post.

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81 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: 75 Homemade Salad Dressings

  1. I love making an Asian inspired dressing of Bragg’s liquid aminos, toasted sesame oil, honey, and rice wine vinegar. So good!

  2. I’ve added toasted coconut with fresh basil and mint. Yum! I have also added chili powder or red pepper flakes to dressing for a bit of heat.

  3. My go-to salad of late has both beets and slightly cooked broccoli, adding depth and crunch!! YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I sometimes add leftover legumes, garbanzo beans, black beans, adzuki… They add some protein, fiber, and a nice texture.

  5. Fresh cilantro for half of my greens. Not very unusual but I also like to add hemp seeds as a topping for all my salads.

  6. I usually put celery seeds in my coleslaw dressing. One day, I reached for the jar in the spice drawer, but unknowingly picked up the ground cloves jar and started to dump it in. Suddenly I realized my mistake and panicked, but then I thought, “wait a minute, celery seeds, cloves both harken back to ancient times and they have an affinity for each other!” I added the celery seeds and a happy marriage was made.


  7. Pomegranate seeds, apples, oranges, dates, sweet onions (Vidalia are faves), garlic olive oil, aged balsamic, sliced (real) Kosher pickles and shiso leaves added to arugula.

  8. I am fairly traditional, too (aka boring). But I love adding fruit – grapes or strawberries (especially with a balsamic dressing) – and nice flavorful, juicy surprise mixed in with the typical crunchies.

  9. Use a favorite pesto recipe ……freeze in cupcake liners.

    Thaw and add to ….1) your favorite balsamic vinegar dressing recipe…. or ..
    2) those who prefer the non-fat plain yogurt for a creamy

  10. Almost anything that strikes my fancy when I open the pantry or refrigerator door. Love the crunch of raw veggies and nuts, the sweetness of fresh and dried fruits, and the satisfaction of cheese, bacon or pancetta….and don’t forget the homemade croutons! Yum!

  11. I had some left-over yam chunks that I needed to use up. To save getting another dish dirty, I just scattered them on top of my salad and dressed it all with an Asian flavored vinaigrette. Wow, I would never have planned that, but it was quite tasty.

  12. I love toasted pine nuts added to a salad and, my all time favorite flavor booster, adding essential oils to my dressing. The citrus ones are yummy– lemon, orange, tangerine, lime, and grapefruit!

  13. Love, love, love cilantro! I add it more as a green with the lettuce than as a topping. Also, if I have it, a generous squeeze of fresh lime 🙂

  14. I make a full chop salad everything but the kitchen sink..fruit.nuts cheese..radishes whatever I have in the house, everything chopped ..I reduce balsimic vinegar using little with a little olive oil.we eat out salad with a spoon.

  15. To me a salad always has to have a seed or nut added plus fresh or dried fruit…. But I always sneak in a wild harvested green like chickweed or dandilion.

  16. My go to dressing lately has been balsamic and olive oil – boring. So I started crushing raw garlic into the dressing to give it more pizazz… it’s working, for now!

  17. Mache lettuce is hard to find and cojita cheese is kind of weird, but they are great in salads. Flavored balsamic vinegars are tasty, too. Hazelnut butter mixed into a vinaigrette with a little fresh garlic is downright awesome!

  18. Small green pumpkin seeds,I think they’re called pepitas…. So good, and good for your libido, among other things too!

  19. I love to cook wheat berries, groats or ancient grains then build a salad on top of it (or around the edges).
    Love to add hearts of palm or artichokes
    …also Castelvetrano olives
    …careful use of pomegranate molasses or pomegranate vinegar ..but be sure to taste as you add – they are both pretty powerful (and delicious)

  20. i love topping my salad with fermented sauerkraut and arame! Shredded beets and toasted pumpkin seeds are also a great addition.

  21. Any toasted nut, from pine nuts to cashews to walnuts. Also a dash of Gomasio!
    Fresh strawberries or raspberries are also great.

  22. Olives are my favorite ingredient that I often forget. If I’m feeling extra unusual/awesome, I sprinkle some dulse flakes. 😉

  23. I often add currants, and hemp seeds. Also sorrel (which grows in the garden most of the year) to add a bit of sour.

  24. I like adding fresh salad shrimp and toasted sunflower seeds (put raw seeds in a small pan and cook until they start to brown and dump a little soy sauce in the pan, remove from heat and when the liquid evaporates, pour on a plate to cool. Delicious!)

  25. I fix Israeli salad a lot ( diced tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions and green peppers) and we (my husband and I) like to season this salad with one or two tablespoons of diced caramelized onions and some of the oil used to fry the onions plus salt and pepper to taste. We always keep a jar of caramelized onions and oil in the refrigerator and use it to garnish baked potatoes and several other dishes. To make this I put about a half inch of oil in a large skillet and add about 5 large diced onions. Cook it on medium heat until it turns a golden brown, then turn off the burner. It will continue to cook until the mixture cools. If you don’t turn off the burner early, the onions will burn.

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