Let Go of Your Eggo

Ever have a day when you think  – oh organic schmorganic?  Costs too much.  If it’s in the grocery store it’s safe, right?

TED talks are noted for bringing forth passionate people with a story.  This one from Robyn O’Brien revolves around food allergies, subsidized crops and the number of unnatural food proteins that have been introduced into our food system in the last 20 years.  Why were these franken-proteins allowed in our food system and rejected by most other countries? Do they have anything to do with the soaring cancer rates in our country?

Robyn’s on the hunt.  She does not come from the crunchy granola tribe who swoon over farmer’s market produce.  Robyn was trained as an analyst.  She went to business school.   If there are any logical thinkers among your family or friends who poo poo correlations between food and health, sic Robyn on ’em. All I can say is I’m real glad to have her on the team.

4 thoughts on “Let Go of Your Eggo

  1. Thanks for this post. I especially appreciate the way she clearly and carefully communicates this message. Great pace for my busy mom brain which often gets jumbled with too many thoughts. People really need to become aware of what’s really going on in our food source and also in other common every day products that we use. 🙂

  2. What a great speech. Thank you for sharing it. I especially love her assertion at the end that each of us, using our own gifts, can effect change.

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