Wonderful Octagon

The USDA pyramids and guides sometimes confound me.  The original intent of the creation of the USDA – to support the health of US citizens while simultaneously supporting the growth of food industries (particularly dairy and meat) – was worthwhile.  But as the years have passed, the support of the latter seems to have overtaken the race of good intentions.  The compromised information doesn’t give me a clear picture of what to make for dinner.

Recently a few folks have written and asked for a copy of the graphic from Feeding the Whole Family that captures my idea of a balanced meal.  I love that Lisa from Wisconsin referred to it as the ‘wonderful octagon”.  The graphic is a colorful interpretation of the one in my book which was colorized for  the September/October 2008  Mothering Magazine article called “Envisioning a New Balanced Meal”.

(from Cynthia)


One thought on “Wonderful Octagon

  1. This was one of the first things that stood out to me in your book. It made way more sense to me, and seems far healthier then any of the other pyramids. Octagons totally win!

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