Just My Opinion

Just My Opinion by Steve
On my almost-daily walk in the forest with my dog there’s a path that’s less used because it’s muddy all the time. Skunk cabbage is coming up around there now. A few months ago I noticed my own boot print in front of me on the path, so I put my foot in that same print and put weight on it. I do that every day now. It’s almost always wet and receptive. You could call it a timid form of graffiti; or the desperate, sad act of a man determined to leave a mark, any mark, on the world he inhabits.
I think of it as performance art. My hope is that some day someone will notice that this print never goes away. It could even be the seed of a ghost story. Or it could really bother someone that I’m doing it. That would be OK too.
I’m bothered by the man-made rock-on-top-of-rock balance sculptures that people leave behind to enhance the nature experience of others. It doesn’t do that for me. I’m inspired by the carnage of fallen trees created by forceful winds. Perhaps the people who create these sculptures will fall into my footprint and vanish. That could be a great ghost story.

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  1. If you walk near Bastyr University, mine will be the muddy footprint next to yours. I love the less used trails. I haven’t noticed it yet though…

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