Jamie's Food Revolution

Anybody watch this last night at 10 pm on ABC?  What did you think?  Man, the lunch ladies hated him.   Loved their visors.

Jamie’s pretty brave.  He left no strawberry milk or chicken nugget unturned.  The close up of the list  ingredients of some of the “food” the school (all schools!) serves everyday to children is just what you’d expect but choose to ignore.  I liked that the process didn’t  resolve  happy  in the first episode.  Changing what we feed our kids at school will take time, money and better politics.   A miracle that the ugly truth of school lunch is being addressed on national television – and not cable!

3 thoughts on “Jamie's Food Revolution

  1. Haha! The lunch ladies are quite a crew! And recently, at an internship rotation at Comal Independent School District, I was back in the trenches with them – complete with a purple visor!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. This whole topic has me hot. Some of the excuses are just plain lazy. I was told at my daughters daycare that they would never use organic produce and vegetables because the WA Health Dept. would make them soak it in bleach to kill bacteria and that the bleach was bad for kids!

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