The Health Benefits of Living in Florida

Do the health benefits of living in Florida actually exist? If you define the concept of “health benefits” broadly, relocating to the Sunshine State may offer some surprising advantages from a quality of life standpoint. Just consider a few of these perks:

Reduce Your Risk of Dangerous Ice and Snow-Related Injuries

The United States Centers For Disease Control and Prevention classifies slips and falls as one type of unintentional injury. This category serves as the third leading cause of death in people ages 45 through 64 and the seventh leading cause of death in individuals aged 65 and older. Within this category, which includes motor vehicle accidents and drownings, falls actually constitute the most significant risk for seniors. Many elderly people lack the resilience to recover from injuries sustained by slipping on slick, icy surfaces. By relocating to the Sun Belt, people decrease their odds of sustaining bodily harm from snow and ice in the environment.

Enjoy Ready Access to Sunshine

Nicknamed “the Sunshine State”, Florida provides many sunny days. On average, residents enjoy more than 200 days with at least some sunshine during any given year. The state offers a great setting for absorbing the natural light required to help the body manufacture Vitamin D, an essential support for strong bones. This advantage serves as one of the clearest health benefits of living in Florida. Sunshine also helps ward off depression caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder in some afflicted individuals.

Gain Plentiful Outdoor Exercise Opportunities

With its numerous golf courses and beaches, Florida provides residents with abundant opportunities for healthy outdoor exercise. This advantage possibly influences the decision of some people to move to Florida from other places. Regular exercise holds health benefits. While proximity to outdoor exercise opportunities alone won’t improve health (people need to take advantage of these amenities responsibly, of course), Florida does at least furnish an appealing, scenic setting for a wide variety of fun outdoor physical activities.

The Health Benefits of Living in Florida

Access Fresh Citrus Products Easily

Florida also offers proximity to groves producing citrus, a type of fruit rich in healthy Vitamin C. Citrus products like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes supply health benefits. Hundreds of years ago, people discovered that the absence of Vitamin C contributes to the dreaded disease of Scurvy. This condition produces some very unpleasant symptoms. People become weak, easily tired, and they may sustain ulcerated gums, loose teeth, and anemia. Cuts and wounds won’t heal well in people suffering from this condition. Scurvy often harmed mariners during long ocean voyages in the 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s. Fortunately, today knowledge about this illness allows more people to consume Vitamin C on a regular basis. By living in balmy Florida, consumers obtain ready access to fresh citrus products. The Sunshine State contains one of the most important citrus producing regions in the USA.

A Popular Retirement Destination

The health benefits of relocating to Florida inspire many people to select the Sunshine State as a retirement choice. Both the desire to escape cold, icy winter weather conditions, and the availability of ample sunshine, numerous outdoor recreational activities, and nutritious citrus products hold wide appeal. Florida today offers its residents numerous potential health benefits!