Substitution for Butter Extract

Many people enjoy adding flavor to the foods they consume. One such product providing this benefit is butter extract. Though the man-made item enhances the taste of numerous food items, certain members of the nutritional and medical communities opine that people might make more healthier lifestyle choices by opting for a viable substitution for butter extract.

Butter Extract Overview

Butter extract, also known as artificial butter flavoring, was created as a substitute for natural butter. Though appealing to the taste buds, natural butter is a rich dairy product said to contain elevated quantities of potentially harmful substances like saturated and trans fats, which have been known to contribute to increased levels of systemic cholesterol. This condition often factors in serious illnesses like high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Scientific research detailing the potential hazards of excessive or long-standing consumption of natural butter has long since been established. Since that time, top researchers employed at food production companies have been developing butter extract products designed to mimic butter’s pleasant taste but without the associated health risks.

Uses Of Artificial Butter

Artificial butter products are used an additive and flavor-enhancer for any food product natural butter could be used on.

Health And Nutritional Value Of Butter Extract

Many artificial butter products are made with preservatives and chemicals that are not thought to possess any true nutritional value. Moreover, some of these items contain a chemical known as diacetyl. This chemical has been found to exert potentially dangerous lung damage.

Some individuals employed in industries where this substance is frequently utilized like those stationed at movie theatre concession stands and microwave popcorn-producing factories have been stricken with a rare illness called bronchitis obliterans, which can precipitate significant breathing problems, lung scarring and, in certain instances, death.

Substitution For Butter Extract

The potential health and nutritional issues associated with butter extract has led some people to consider enhancing the flavor of their food using other healthier additives. Food experts suggest considering products like:

Various Oils

Items like coconut, olive, safflower oils are said to possess a pleasing taste and contain less harmful products and more beneficial nutrients.


Yogurts, especially of the Greek variety often possess sharp flavors that could add serious flavor to many items one would dress with butter. Moreover, these items contain less fat content, fewer calories and far more nutrients than butter or butter extract.

Nut Butter

Products like almond and peanut butter are considered attractive alternatives to butter extract to spread across bread and pastry products. Additionally, these items contain more nutrients and less fat content.


Applesauce contains a reduced amount of calories but is rife with a variety of important nutrients. Additionally, this product can add a nice mixture of sweetness and moisture to a variety of foods.