Isagenix Collagen Elixir Reviews

Isagenix Collagen Elixir reviews are all over the internet. Do the reviews tell the whole story? In this post, we’ll look at what Isagenix Collagen Elixir is and how it works. 

We’ll also look at some of the pros and cons. By the end, you should have a good idea of whether or not this product is right for you. Let’s get started!

About Isagenix 

Isagenix is a company that specializes in health and wellness products. It offers a wide range of products, from supplements to meal replacements, to help people achieve their health goals. 

Isagenix is an MLM company, which means that they sell their products through a network of distributors. Isagenix has featured in prominent publications like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. 

About Isagenix Collagen Elixir

With all the great benefits of collagen, it is a perfect addition to any diet. If you are looking for an easy and delicious way to add more collagen to your diet, look no further than the Isagenix Collagen Elixir. 

Isagenix Collagen Elixir Reviews
Isagenix Collagen Elixir – Does it work?

The product contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Hydrolyzed means the collagen breaks down into smaller pieces that are easier to absorb. 

The Isagenix Collagen Elixir is a supplement that the company claims will boost your skin health. One product serving contains 5 grams of marine collagen peptides. 

The drink also includes biotin for healthier hair and nails. The mixture also includes Vitamin C and zinc. Plus, it comes with superfoods like Acerola berry and Goji berry. 

Unlike other collagen products, which are a powder that you dissolve in water or juice, the Isagenix Collagen Elixir comes in its pre-portioned bottle in liquid form. Each bottle has 50 calories, and 5 grams of both protein and sugar. 

An order of the Elixir comes with ten bottles, and the company recommends you take one serving each day. 

Benefits of Isagenix Collagen Elixir

The Isagenix Collagen Elixir is a drink that promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. Isagenix claims that their Collagen Elixir will help boost your skin health by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin elasticity thanks to the collagen. 

The company also claims the superfoods blend will complement the collagen and give you a healthy glow. 

Does Isagenix Collagen Elixir Really Work?

Studies show that collagen can have excellent benefits for the skin. However, the products are not third-party tested. Collagen and the herbal ingredients in the blend are not backed by enough clinical trials to prove efficacy. 

Isagenix Collagen Elixir

Many people swear by collagen for protecting their skin and preventing aging. Collagen may improve joint, skin, bone, and gut health. 

The serving size does not contain as much collagen as many other products, which often start at around 9 to 12 grams of protein per serving. The combination of collagen and superfoods may be healthy, but it is hard to prove scientifically. 


The Isagenix Collagen Elixir contains the following: 

  • Marine collagen peptides (5 grams)
  • Biotin 
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Proprietary blend of aloe vera, chamomile, acerola berry, goji berry 

Ingredients Breakdown

The main ingredient in Isagenix Collagen Elixir is marine collagen. Marine collagen comprises marine animals, such as fish and shellfish. The collagen is then purified and processed into a powder that you can use in skincare products.

Marine collagen is a popular ingredient in skincare products because it supposedly has several benefits for the skin. This includes reducing wrinkles and increasing elasticity. Marine collagen also boosts the production of collagen in the body. 

Collagen may help you beyond skincare. Collagen is a major component of healthy joints and can help to reduce joint pain. It may promote gut health by helping to heal the lining of the digestive tract. 

Some studies suggest collagen is a vital part of bone tissue and can help prevent osteoporosis. Some believe collagen can help with weight loss by increasing satiety and reducing calorie intake. The Elixir contains other ingredients that will also boost skin health. 


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, which the body uses to make energy from the food you eat. 

Biotin is also vital for the healthy growth of hair, skin, and nails. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels. 

Some people may experience hair loss when they are deficient in biotin. Biotin supplements are good if you want to improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supplements are often recommended for people who want to improve the health of their hair, skin, and nails. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, which your body uses to create strong nails and hair. 

As we age, our skin begins to show signs of wear and tear. Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots can all become more noticeable. One way to help reduce the signs of aging is to make sure that you are getting enough Vitamin C in your diet. 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage your cells and lead to the development of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Vitamin C can help neutralize these free radicals and help keep your skin looking young and healthy. Another benefit of taking Vitamin C every day is that it can boost your immune system and help you fight off colds and cases of flu. 


Zinc is a mineral that is important for the health of your skin. It is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals just like Vitamin C. Zinc can help neutralize these free radicals and help keep your skin looking young and healthy. 

Zinc is also important for the production of collagen. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and our skin can begin to sag and wrinkle. Zinc can help to boost the production of collagen and help keep your skin looking young and healthy. Another benefit of Zinc is that it boosts your immune system. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that is often used for medicinal purposes. Indigenous people have used Aloe for centuries to treat many skin conditions, including burns, sunburns, and eczema.

Apart from its numerous health benefits, Aloe Vera is also great for your skin. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer, meaning it can help keep your skin hydrated. 

It can also help soothe sunburns and other skin irritations. The gushy insides of the Aloe leaf are soothing and cooling. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the appearance of acne.

Acerola Berry

Acerola Berry is a fruit that is rich in Vitamin C. It helps the body absorb iron from food and is also a good source of antioxidants, which help to protect the body against disease. 

Acerola Berry has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and other joint diseases. 

They can also help to improve circulation and reduce cholesterol levels. Acerola Berry is a good source of fiber, which can help to promote digestion and prevent constipation. They are also a good source of vitamins A, B, and C and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. 

Goji Berry

Goji berries are small, red fruits that are native to Asia. People have used berries for centuries in traditional medicine for the many health benefits. The berries are high in antioxidants, which help protect the skin from free radical damage.

They are also a good source of Vitamin C, which is essential for healthy skin. Goji berries also contain other vitamins and minerals vital for good health, including iron, selenium, and magnesium.


The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s important to keep it healthy and looking good. Chamomile is a great herb for skin health because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

You may know Chamomile tea and drink it when you’re feeling stressed. The flowers are calming and relaxing for your mind, but also your skin. 

The herb can help soothe inflamed skin and protect it from free radicals that can cause damage. Chamomile can also help lighten the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Health Benefits of Isagenix Collagen Elixir

Thanks to collagen and Vitamin C, one of the health benefits is glowing and elastic skin. Vitamin C helps your body process collagen. 

These ingredients, along with the biotin, will lead to a healthier and youthful appearance after using the product. Another benefit would be that the superfood ingredients, along with the collagen, may be effective against photo-aging or damage from UV rays.

Stronger Hair and Nails

Biotin, with collagen, combine to create a product that will help you get an extra boost for your hair and your nails. Not just your skin will benefit from the use of collagen and biotin! 

You may notice that your nails are sturdier and break less easily. You may also see that you begin to grow baby hairs or your hair grows back in thicker and shinier over time.

Better Absorption of Collagen

Vitamin C and Zinc are necessary for your body to absorb collagen. Unlike products that only contain collagen, this product contains other ingredients that will help your body process the benefits of the Marine collagen peptides in the Elixir. 

This is one of the biggest benefits of this product compared to others on the market.

Soothe Your Skin 

Superfoods to the rescue! Acerola Berry and goji berry, along with the Aloe Vera, are nourishing superfoods that will make your skin happy and shiny. The berries also contain healthy vitamins and minerals that will benefit your skin and body overall. 

Aloe Vera, in particular, is incredibly soothing for the skin. Taking these superfoods alongside your collagen is an extra boost for your body. 

Side Effects

Some people experience digestive issues, such as bloating and constipation after consuming collagen. It may be because collagen is a high-protein food. When consumed in large amounts, protein can overload the digestive system and cause these problems. 

Additionally, some people may not have enough enzymes needed to break down collagen properly, which can also cause digestive issues. If you experience any digestive issues after consuming collagen, you may want to reduce your intake or try a different protein source.

Additionally, some people may be allergic to collagen. Collagen contains several amino acids, including glycine and proline. These amino acids are also found in other foods, such as soy and beef. 

If you’re allergic to these foods, you may also be allergic to collagen. Signs of an allergic reaction include hives, itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing. This is exceedingly rare, as almost all people can safely tolerate collagen. 

Overall, collagen is a safe and healthy protein source. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects and allergies before consuming it. If you experience any adverse effects after taking collagen, stop taking it and speak to a doctor.

The other ingredients are unlikely to irritate you unless you have an allergy, but be sure to research and start slowly with the product to make sure your stomach and body have no issues with a new supplement. 

Isagenix Collagen Elixir Reviews: What Do Real Users Say? 

The Isagenix Collagen Elixir reviews are positive online. It has a nearly five-star rating on the Isagenix website. It stands at a 4.9 rating and there are 60 reviews available to read on the website.

“I’ve been taking Collagen Elixir for 8 months and it’s changed my life. Within 10 days of taking the product, I had decreased pain in my joints. I’ve continued to take it and observed greater health in my joints which means significantly less pain in my neck and back. This product has changed the quality of my life.”- Evie T

“I’ve been taking collagen products for years, trusting that they were doing something as I neither saw nor felt any different for taking them. I’ve been taking this Collagen Elixir for 14 months, my skin has tightened up (I”m 63), my jowls are nearly gone, my complexion evened out…nails are as hard as a rock, my hair has the bounce it had in my 20’s. I’m beyond thrilled with this product.” – Teresa Van Hoesen

Where to Buy Isagenix Collagen Elixir

The Isagenix Collagen Elixir is for sale on the company website or from an Isagenix Associate. The bottles retail at around $53 for a 10-day supply. If you would like to get a 30-day supply that will cost you around 159 dollars. 

This equals about $5.33 per serving of collagen. Because the company is a multi-level marketing company you will receive a 25% discount if you become a preferred customer. 

This would mean you subscribe to an auto-shipment plan for the month which should bring it down to about $4 per Elixir bottle.

Alternatives to Isagenix Collagen Elixir 

Because the Isagenix Collagen Elixir is quite pricey per serving, you may be looking for a thriftier option. You can usually get a container of high-quality collagen for around $15-$35 for an 18-ounce container.

This is more reasonable for many consumers because one scoop or two scoops is the most you would take and mix into your coffee or tea. You can also dissolve collagen in juice. A collagen powder will last longer and cost you less per serving. 

A collagen product will usually give you around 10 to 20 g of protein per serving which is an optimal dose and is higher than the Elixir. However, collagen at this price point does not usually include superfoods, biotin, or vitamins. 

You might want to look at buying herbal tinctures or other supplements to take in the morning to benefit your skin without breaking the bank if you opt for an alternative product. 

Is It Worth Buying the Isagenix Collagen Elixir?

Collagen has been a buzzword in the beauty industry for years, and for good reason. This protein is essential for keeping our skin looking youthful and healthy. It’s no wonder people are tuning in and trying out collagen to see if their skin improves. 

I combed through Isagenix Collagen Elixir reviews and saw it was a product that many folks swear by. The Isagenix Collagen Elixir is a great choice if you want a tasty daily skincare boost. 

The Elixir comes pre-mixed so it’s great on the go, unlike collagen powder you would need to mix yourself. Another benefit is the superfood blend that is already part of the bottle that you buy. 

Many reviewers mention the delicious taste thanks to the apple extract and stevia that keeps the sugar down but still tastes pleasant and refreshing. Other products on the market may not have this pre-mixed blend so you may not get the vitamins and benefits from the zinc that you would get with this product. 

However, even though this product offers a lot of benefits it is also on the pricey end. It costs around $4 a serving at a discounted rate compared to the very low prices you would see with collagen you mix yourself. 

If you’re not on the run and you have the time to research other supplements then another product may be better for your price point as long as you don’t mind researching the products and combining superfoods, biotin, collagen, and vitamins with your own.