Is Almond Butter Good for Dogs?

Most dogs will eat just about anything you give them. Some pet parents are charmed by their furry friends and end up feeding them human food too often, especially treats. This isn’t usually a good idea. With that being said, is almond butter good for dogs? Quite frankly, any type of food that isn’t made for dogs can be toxic to them, depending on the ingredients. Check out the information below to find out if dogs can eat almond butter.

Should You Give Your Dog Almond Butter?

Is almond butter good for dogs? The quick answer is yes. It’s safe to let your dog eat almond butter and there’s a good chance they will love it. There are even nutritional benefits associated with pets eating almond butter. For instance, it can improve the immune system, skin and fur of your pet. Although your dog can have this delicious treat, there are a few things you should know first.

If you buy almond butter for your dog, make sure it doesn’t contain any added ingredients like sugar or salt. Additionally, it shouldn’t be something that happens all of the time. It’s only appropriate to give your dog a small spoonful of almond butter periodically and certainly not more than once a week. One reasons why you don’t want to let your dog consume too much almond butter is because it has a high fat content.

If you give your dog a tablespoon of almond butter, they will be consuming about 100 calories and 9 grams of fat. Obviously this is fine for a rare treat. On the flip side, your dog will receive the associated benefits that includes vitamins E and B3. In addition to what’s already been listed, this can help keep your furry friend younger by fighting against free radicals.

Potential Safety Considerations

As with all products on the market, you should check the almond butter that you choose to make sure it doesn’t have hazardous ingredients. For instance, sometimes manufacturers use artificial sweeteners to lower calories in some foods so that they are more attractive to consumers. This might include the addition of ingredients like Xylitol. There’s a chance that almond butter that contains Xylitol can be deadly to your dog.

Some experts believe the consumption of Xylitol by dogs can result in pancreatitis or other painful conditions. There are some side effects that are not as bad, such as stomach aches caused by the fats and oils in almond butter. Simply put, your dog should not consume a lot of fat. Is almond butter good for dogs? The answer is still yes, but natural almond butter is always the best way to go.

In some ways, making the decision to give your dog almond butter requires the same consideration as choosing the food they eat on a daily basis. You want to be mindful of what will help them live a more vibrant and healthy life. This means you should choose foods that are nutrient-dense and low in fat. Moderation is also key because even letting your pooch eat too much healthy food isn’t a good idea. Is almond butter good for dogs? Yes, but be sure to take all of the information provided into consideration.