Is Alkaline Water Good for Dogs?

Water is essential and we know it is important to have fresh water available to keep your dog healthy and well hydrated. Most dog owners just fill their dog’s water dish with tap water. However, your tap water may not be healthy for you or your pet, so you need to have it tested for contamination. Some tap water can contain chemicals such as chlorine and flouride, or heavy metals. These additives and impurities can cause harm to your pet. Let’s discuss and answer the question, is alkaline water good for dogs to drink?

Pros: Is Alkaline Water Good for Dogs?

Now let’s consider the question, is alkaline water good for dogs? We hear of the benefits of alkaline water for us, but what about for our dogs. Some research shows that animals can derive the same benefits from alkaline water as humans do. For example, dairy cows who were given alkaline water were healthier and stronger, and produced more milk. The benefits of alkaline water for animals include shinier and silkier fur, fresher breath, improved vigor, denser bones, and less foul excrement. And because our dogs have a faster metabolism than we do, they will see the benefits of drinking alkaline water sooner.

Most dog food produces acidic wastes when digested by our dog because dog food is made mainly of meat products. Dogs who drink alkaline water can help to neutralize these acidic wastes in their body. An additional benefit of alkaline water is the antioxidants it contains. Molecular hydrogen is found in ionized alkaline water and is responsible for neutralizing and ridding your dog’s body of toxins and free radicals. Your dog’s cells readily absorb hydrogen water because of the small molecular size of the hydrogen in the water.

Rules to Follow

There are a set of suggested rules to follow if you are going to give your dog alkaline water to drink. You should set your water ionizer on the lowest setting for alkaline water and maintain the pH at 9. You must be aware that alkaline water can interfere with your dog’s medication, so restrict ionized alkaline water one hour prior to their medication and one hour after their medication. Finally, alkaline water can interfere with the digestion of your dog’s food by interfering with the acidic pH necessary to breakdown and absorb food elements. With this in mind, provide regular fresh water during your dog’s meal time instead of ionized alkaline water.

In addition to giving your dog alkaline water to drink, you can also apply alkaline water to your dog’s cuts or scrapes. Alkaline water can avert infection due to its antibacterial qualities. You can also spray alkaline water on your dog’s fur after their bath to make their coat silky and soft.

Cons of Alkaline Water

Although alkaline water is recommended for your dog by some, others believe that giving your dog alkaline water is not a good idea because their urine should remain slightly acidic. Instead they recommend adding hydrogen to your pet’s water bowl, while avoiding alkaline water.

It is difficult to predict the effects alkaline water will have on your dog. Because dogs are basically carnivores, the pH of their saliva and urine should remain slightly acidic. As pets drink alkaline water the pH of their urine creeps up, and then they become prone to bladder and kidney stones. So, if you are going to give your dog alkaline water, you need to test the urine pH to keep it below 7. It may be easier to skip the alkaline water, and instead drop a hydrogen tablet into your dog’s water bowl.