How to Reheat Frozen Waffles?

While frozen foods have a stigma when it comes to reheating them, frozen waffles can taste just as delicious. That is, if you know how to reheat frozen waffles.

It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t enjoy waffles. They’re fluffy, light, and have dozens of pockets to hold toppings that won’t slide off. Whether they’re store bought or homemade, waffles are the perfect breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

Sometimes, you make too many waffles and either don’t want to eat them right away or throw them out, freezing them is a great idea.

One of the greatest benefits of reheating frozen waffles is that you don’t need a waffle maker.

Making waffles can also get hectic when preparing them for a group of people. Not to mention the constant cleanup. There are a few ways to reheat frozen waffles that cater to your specific needs.

One way is simply popping them into the microwave.

Place the waffles on a plate and heat for 30-45 seconds. If you like melted butter, you can take them out and add butter on the waffles before heating them for another 30 seconds.

The only downfall to microwaving waffles is they may not get as crispy.

For a crispier waffle, you have a few options. One reheating method is on the stove top.

Preheat your pan with butter. Avoid letting your butter get too dark and leave a burnt aftertaste. You can also add a dash of cinnamon or brown sugar.

Let your waffle heat in your butter mixture until it’s crispy enough for you. Once cooked, take it out, top with syrup or fruit, and enjoy.

You can also use a toaster to reheat your frozen waffles.

Adjust your toaster’s setting, place the waffles in, and wait for them to pop. If you like warm syrup, you can heat some in the microwave while you wait for the waffles to finish heating. Once your waffles are finished, you can add your favorite toppings and enjoy.

Waffles are great on their own, but can also be used as an alternative to bread in a sandwich.

To make a breakfast sandwich, you can prepare eggs, bacon, or whatever you typically make for breakfast and enjoy them on the go.

This breakfast sandwich is more filling than typical toasted bread or bagels and provides that salty and sweet combination that many of us love.

Another play on the sweet and savory combination is a waffle and chicken sandwich or chicken and waffles on a stick as an appetizer.

Waffles have and always will be a crucial part of society. Whether you’re entertaining guests or preparing food for your family, knowing how to reheat frozen waffles will save lots of time, especially since you can doctor them to be just as good as when they were made.

Knowing this food hack is also great for saving money. Instead of buying breakfast before work or having to cook a full meal, you can pre-make a bunch of waffles, freeze them, and reheat them on the go.

Just remember, you are reheating pre-cooked waffles. To avoid burning them, gradually check and make sure they aren’t burning. Be sure to avoid overcooking them so they don’t become dry.