How to Reheat a Subway Sandwich?

Are you wondering how to reheat a Subway sandwich?

You’ve likely visited a Subway restaurant to get a sandwich with meat, cheese, and vegetables. You could get a sandwich with only vegetables and mayonnaise.

The combinations for the sandwiches that can be made are almost endless as you get to decide what you want to eat.

However, you might not want to eat the entire sandwich at one time. Wrap the sandwich in the paper that it came in, foil, or another type of paper to keep it fresh.

You could also use an airtight container. You should only leave the sandwich in the refrigerator for a few days at the most because some of the toppings could begin to wilt or develop bacteria that could be damaging to your health.

Using Oven to Reheat a Subway Sandwich

If you want your bread to have a crunch factor, then a step of how to reheat a Subway sandwich should include putting it in an oven. You’re going to want to turn the heat to a low temperature so that it doesn’t burn.

If there is mayonnaise or similar ingredients on the sandwich, then you might not want to reheat it as these ingredients shouldn’t reach high temperatures.

You can try to remove these ingredients and then add them back on when you take the sandwich from the oven, but that would involve additional steps that you might not want to take if you want to eat right away.

Setting your oven to 350 degrees should be warm enough to give you the crunchy texture on your bread without burning the bread or the ingredients on your sandwich.

Place the sandwich on a sheet pan so that it has a level surface while it’s in the oven. After 10 minutes, check the sandwich to see if it’s warm enough for your liking.

If there are vegetables on your sandwich, you might want to cut the time back by about half.

Microwave Heating

If you need to quickly heat your Subway sandwich or you don’t want to wait to eat, then the microwave is an option to consider.

You don’t need to leave the sandwich in the microwave for a long period of time as the heat from the small oven can make the bread tough and the vegetables more like gummy discs instead of crispy vegetables.

This is why if you have the time, then putting your sandwich in the oven is the better option for delivering the flavor that you want and for the texture that you desire instead of eating something that is soggy.

When you remove the sandwich from the oven or microwave, you can add fresh vegetables, condiments, cheese, and other items that you want.

You could also put meats and cheeses on the sub after it’s removed from the refrigerator so that the new ingredients combine with those that are already on the sandwich.