Health Benefits of Salsa: Eat More Salsa

Salsa and chips are a favorite snack for Americans across the country and a delicacy in many other countries. Not only is salsa delicious, but it’s also loaded with nutrients that your body needs. Fresh salsa is flavorful, enjoyed a variety of foods aside from chips. Learn more about the health benefits of salah below and be sure to whip up your favorite salsa recipe right away.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Adults need 65- 90 mg of Vitamin C each day, but many people fail to consume enough citrus to attain the recommended daily value and they suffer as a result. Eating salsa helps get the vitamin C that your body needs. You’ll help prevent heart disease and healthy aging when enough Vitamin C is attained each day.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes? Maybe a little salsa is all you need to stabilize blood sugar. Salsa is high in fiber but does not contain fat or sugar. You can add salsa to all of your favorite foods for great flavor without the added worry of affecting your blood sugar.

Salsa Hydrates the Body

Over 95% of a tomato’s weight comes from water. Adults should consume eight glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Salsa is a great food that helps the body absorb more water and work more efficiently.

Health Benefits of Salsa: Eat More Salsa

Cancer Protection

Tomatoes are packed in carotenoid lycopene, a substance that is proven to reduce the risks of cancer. Although tomatoes aren’t the only product that contains this necessary ingredient, they’re accountable for about 80% of lycopene in a person’s diet.

Burn Fat

Ready to shed a few pounds or get rid of those jelly rolls? Although snacking isn’t the usual way to shed fat, consuming salsa may actually benefit you in the fat-burning process. Capsaicin is found in jalapenos. It gives them a spicy flavor, which in turn pumps up your body’s ability to burn fat. You’ll easily lose weight by eating salsa.

Improve Heart Health

Another reason to eat salsa- it may improve your heart health. Salsa contains only plant-based ingredients that are naturally cholesterol-free. This keeps bad cholesterol at bay and improves your heart health.

It’s Salsa Time

Whether topped on your breakfast eggs, eaten with chips, or consumed for lunch or dinner, salsa is delicious, nutritious food that improves your overall well-being. It’s time to add salsa to your diet more often. You’ll find it compliments a variety of foods and since it’s so easy and cheap to make, a treat that the entire family can enjoy as often as they’d like. Allow the health benefits of salsa improves your life and enjoy this food as often as possible.