Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is a high-fat coffee you can make at home or buy from the Bulletproof brand. It touts being able to keep you full and energized for longer than a traditional cup of coffee.

People following low-carb diets often use Bulletproof Coffee to help them with their weight goals. But even people who aren’t coffee drinkers can benefit from modified Bulletproof Coffee versions. We’ll help you understand the ingredients that are the powerhouse behind Bulletproof coffee and how to make a cup of fat-filled Joe at home.

The History of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee made its debut in 2011 when founder Dave Asprey officially began selling his high-fat coffee brand. He became inspired to do so after the raging success of a Bulletproof Coffee recipe he had published on his blog a couple of years prior.

Since then, Bulletproof Coffee has been a go-to drink for people following a low-carb lifestyle, those looking to have a natural source of extra energy throughout the day, and wanting to curb hunger.

Although Bulletproof has developed a line of products, including their coffee, you don’t need to pay extra for the brand name to drink Bulletproof Coffee. But, of course, it’s a viable option if you’re on the go often and want convenience.

What Kinds of Diets Does Bulletproof Coffee Compliment?

Bulletproof Coffee is compatible with several different types of diets, including:

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Any other low-carb diet
  • Intermittent fasting diet
  • One Meal a Day diet (OMAD)

The bottom line is that Bulletproof Coffee isn’t an ideal drink for people following a low-fat diet, given that the draw of it is adding butter and oil.

Bulletproof Coffee fans rave about how their coffee helps them stay focused and energized throughout the day. It may be especially beneficial for people following a diet for weight loss, as the high-quality fats that this coffee contains can help keep you feeling full for much of the day.

The Science Behind Bulletproof Coffee

There don’t appear to be any studies currently proving or disproving the effectiveness of Bulletproof Coffee. The closest we could find was research in 2020 on the impact of Bulletproof Coffee versus black coffee. Unfortunately, they never completed the study.

So, instead of analyzing how Bulletproof Coffee impacts the body, we’ll explore the science behind its ingredients.

Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil

Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil is a Bulletproof brand of oil sourced from coconuts. However, you don’t have to buy Bulletproof’s version of this oil. Instead, many companies sell C8 MCT oil.

The C8 stands for caprylic acid, and it’s crucial to ensure the oil you choose contains this rather than standard MCT oil since you’ll consume a purer, more potent form of it. 

The MCT portion of this oil is short for medium-chain triglyceride. Since these fats are shorter than long-chain fatty acids, the body can digest them more quickly than many other types of oil.

Although C8 MCT oil became popular because of Bulletproof Coffee, it’s been a supplement that athletes and bodybuilders have used for years. The reason for this is that C8 MCT oil supports:

  • Increased energy levels
  • May reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Can help manage blood sugar levels
  • Reduces lactate buildup during exercise

That said, one of the most common reasons people drink Bulletproof Coffee is to support their weight loss efforts with whatever diet they follow. 

Although scientists still need more research, studies suggest that MCT oil can help people lose weight, reduce inches off their waist, and prevent obesity. In addition, the studies show that MCT oil is more effective than participants who consume coconut oil and olive oil.

People following a keto diet also appreciate that C8 MCT oil helps them stay in ketosis, given that this oil is pure fat. That keeps their body burning fat instead of glucose that comes from carbohydrates.

Grass-fed Butter

Butter is essentially a solid version of milk fat, making it a high source of fat. The reasons why Bulletproof recommends grass-fed butter for their coffee instead of non-grass-fed butter likely involve a combination of ethical and health reasons. 

From an ethical standpoint, you can feel good as a consumer knowing that the cows could roam around open pastures outside. And from a health perspective, grass-fed butter likely has more vitamin K2.

Another reason why grass-fed butter goes into Bulletproof Coffee is that it compliments C8 MCT oil by preventing blood sugar crashes, slowing digestion, and keeping you fuller for longer.

Since fat slows digestion in the small intestine, it stands to reason that eating fat in combination with caffeine, such as that in coffee beans, more slowly releases the caffeine throughout your body after you eat it.

The result is feeling energized for longer without reaching for that second—or fourth—cup of coffee.

Coffee Beans

You’re spot-on if you guessed that coffee’s role in Bulletproof coffee is its caffeine content. 

One of the major selling points of Bulletproof Coffee is how it’ll give you sustained energy throughout most of the day. While the fat in C8 MCT oil and butter can do this to an extent, given that they don’t cause blood sugar spikes, caffeine is the major player.

It can often feel like every day, the news is either talking about a study supporting or negating the health benefits of coffee. The discussion is too long to get into here, but to give you an idea, below are some of the theories that scientists say coffee may help to support:

  • Increased longevity
  • Improved heart health
  • Weight loss or management
  • Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduced symptoms of depression

Whether or not you’ll experience any of these benefits from Bulletproof coffee is debatable. The studies often involve drinking more than one cup of coffee daily, and you might not feel like doing so, given that Bulletproof Coffee is so filling.

However, one thing is certain—as long as you drink caffeinated coffee, you can expect an energy boost. 

Homemade Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

The Bulletproof brand sells its own coffee, butter (in the form of ghee), and C8 MCT oil. But you don’t need to purchase these products from Bulletproof, especially if you’re tight on cash. 

Instead, the first step of making Bulletproof coffee is to gather the ingredients. Just ensure they’re high-quality products, as the oil, in particular, can sometimes come in impure forms.

Ingredients to Make Bulletproof Coffee

  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • 1 tsp. C8 MCT oil
  • 1 or 2 tbsp. grass-fed butter

You can also use grass-fed ghee instead of butter. Ghee is a more condensed version of putter since manufacturers simmer and strain it to remove its water content. 

If you choose to use ghee, add one to two teaspoons of it to your coffee instead of tablespoons.

Steps for Making Bulletproof Coffee

Making Bulletproof coffee can be as fast or time-consuming as you’d like, depending on your coffee brewing preferences. 

Step 1: Brew Your Coffee

Brew your coffee according to your favorite brewing method. Although Bulletproof encourages people to drink freshly brewed coffee, you can modify this by using instant coffee if you wish.

Step 2: Blend Ingredients

Once your coffee is ready, pour it into a blender and add your C8 MCT oil and butter or ghee. Let the ingredients blend for 20 to 30 seconds.

A milk frother is also effective if you don’t have a blender. And if you have neither of these, stirring the ingredients into your coffee will do the trick. 

Step 3: Enjoy!

If you use a blender or milk frother, you can expect a creamy latte-like drink. Otherwise, stirring the oil and butter or ghee into your coffee will increase its richness without giving it a frothy texture. 

In either case, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of this high-fat coffee.

Nutrition Content of Bulletproof Coffee

If the calorie counter in you is balking at the thought of how many calories Bulletproof coffee must have, know that many people use it to replace breakfast. 

So, this 230-calorie drink suddenly sounds like a low-calorie meal.

As far as macronutrients, Bulletproof Coffee is pure fat. It contains 25 grams of fat; 21 grams from saturated fat.

Bulletproof Coffee doesn’t contain any of the following nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugar
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Salt

Bulletproof Coffee Variations

Bulletproof has come a long way since its inception in 2011. A part of its transformation is offering variations of its original coffee. 

Examples of other high-fat drinks Bulletproof offers include:

  • Creamer
  • Protein powder
  • Cold brew latte

The creamer is beneficial for people who don’t want to buy grass-fed butter and C8 MCT oil separately, dirtying up their blender every day. Instead, you can make a cup of coffee and add a scoop or open a single-serving packet to fatten up your drink.

Bulletproof takes convenience a step further by offering their cold brew latte. Their ready-to-drink product contains MCTs and collagen, keeping you energized and feeling full throughout the day.

Finally, if you enjoy a protein shake before or after working out, Bulletproof’s keto-friendly protein powder will give your muscles the amino acids they need while keeping you full without the blood sugar crash from more carbohydrate-based protein powders.

Option for Non-coffee Drinkers

If you don’t drink coffee, you can use C8 MCT oil and grass-fed butter or ghee in tea or hot chocolate instead. Essentially, you can expect to get the frothy texture of this drink from any hot drink as long as you toss it in a blender first.

Of course, you can also add MCT oil and butter to cold drinks. We recommend not going too overboard, though; this combination doesn’t mesh well with fruity drinks.

FAQs on Bulletproof Coffee

Are you still curious about how Bulletproof Coffee works? Below are some common questions and answers.

Is Bulletproof Coffee better than regular coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is better than regular coffee for keeping you full longer. It can also support people with their weight loss goals and staying in ketosis since they’ll have fewer urges to snack. But if you’re following a low-calorie or low-fat diet, regular coffee might be better than Bulletproof Coffee.

Does Bulletproof Coffee help you lose weight?

Bulletproof Coffee can support people with their weight loss goals, particularly those following a low-carb, high-fat diet. Although one cup of Bulletproof Coffee contains 230 calories, it helps people feel satiated for longer, potentially reducing a person’s total daily caloric intake.

When is the best time to drink Bulletproof Coffee?

It’s best to drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. People often use it as a meal replacement for breakfast, although you can supplement your Bulletproof Coffee with food. The reason for drinking Bulletproof Coffee in the morning is that it offers an energy boost that may sustain you throughout most of the day.

Does Bulletproof Coffee raise blood sugar levels?

Bulletproof Coffee should have a minimal impact on your blood sugar levels, given that it’s a carbohydrate and sugar-free food. Nevertheless, if you have diabetes, we encourage you to speak with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

Will butter in coffee break a fast?

Whether putting butter and oil in your coffee will break a fast depends on the type of fast you’re following. Typically, religious fasts consider butter in coffee as food, so you’d be breaking your fast. But if you’re following an intermittent fasting regime for health reasons, you might be able to drink Bulletproof Coffee without it technically breaking your fast.

The Bottom Line

Although putting butter and oil in your coffee can sound offputting, many people rave about the positive impact of Bulletproof Coffee on their energy levels and weight loss goals.

Bulletproof Coffee may help you sustain your energy with fewer, or even a single, cups if you’re used to drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. 

We encourage you to check with your doctor before trying Bulletproof Coffee if you have pre-existing conditions. Otherwise, if Bulletproof Coffee intrigues you, give it a try. You might surprise yourself with how much you like it.