Reheat Bread Pudding

It is not uncommon for people to have leftover bread pudding but how do you properly reheat bread pudding?

If you have leftover bread pudding you may store it in the freezer or just the refrigerator. There will come a time when the temptation to have some more of this sweet treat results in the need to reheat it. The goal in this situation will be to warm the dessert and not dry it out.

A few people will eat it at room temperature or cold right out of the refrigerator. Bread pudding lovers know when this dessert is properly reheated, it will once again provide its signature warm and creamy flavor.

What is Bread Pudding?

This is a dessert that is bread-based and popular in many nations around the world. It is often made with cream or milk combined with stale bread.

The pudding usually contains eggs as well as some form of fat such as suet, oil or butter. This type of pudding can be savory or sweet depending on the ingredients used to make it.

The stale bread is soaked with a liquid and then other ingredients are mixed into it. The pudding is then baked. It is often made in quantities too large to eat at a single sitting, so it is then saved so it can be enjoyed later.

Around The World

Many countries have a version of bread pudding. In Mexico, they have a type of bread pudding eaten during lent known as capirotada.

In the Philippines, banana bread pudding is very popular. In the United Kingdom, they have a version of bread pudding they call a Nelson Cake. They often refer to it as Wet Nelly.

Out Of The Refrigerator

Once bread pudding has been placed in a refrigerator, it can remain good for as long as four days.

Within two days, the bread pudding will begin to start losing its moistness. Reheating at this time is best done with the oven.

Out of the Freezer

When bread pudding is placed in a freezer, it can remain good for up to three months.

It is recommended the bread pudding be put in a refrigerator and cooled before it is placed in the freezer.

When someone is ready to eat the frozen bread pudding, the first step is to thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. It is important to make certain the bread pudding is completely thawed. This can be determined by placing a knife or skewer into the center of the pudding. Once it is completely thawed, the bread pudding can then be heated using an oven or microwave.

Using Oven to Reheat Bread Pudding

Certain steps should be followed when you reheat bread pudding in an oven.

*The oven needs to be preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

*The bread pudding needs to be covered with foil.

*It should be heated for up to 15 minutes. The length of time will depend on how hot a person likes to have their bread pudding.

Using Microwave to Reheat Bread Pudding

Certain steps should be followed when you reheat bread pudding in a microwave.

*Bread pudding should be placed on a plate that is microwave safe

*Proper reheating could be accomplished in a little as 30 seconds. It is best to make certain the bread pudding is completely warmed out before eating.

*Once heated, it should be taken out of the microwave and let cool. It is now time to enjoy.

When someone wants to reheat their bread pudding, it is something that can be done quickly and requires little or no effort. The good thing about reheating bread pudding is how it can be enjoyed at the temperature that people prefer.