Hemorrhoid Cream for Skin Tightening

Typically used for a swollen vein in the “backside” region, hemorrhoid cream typically consists of Phenylephrine HCl 0.25 percent.

This medication functions as a vasoconstrictor that will cause these painful blood vessels to constrict.

It can be purchased over the counter, and it is very effective when used properly.

What many people don’t know is, hemorrhoid cream for skin tightening purposes has been used for many years now.

The thought is that this medicated cream has the potential to treat swollen eyes, puffy skin and wrinkles as it removes excess water from the skin.

The result would be a much smoother and tighter appearance. No clinical studies have been done to determine the effectiveness or safety of this process.

Allergic Reaction Potential

Before you start slathering hemorrhoid cream all over your face and neck, be sure to complete a spot test. You’ll want to apply a very small amount of the cream to a spot on your body that can be covered up if you have a reaction.

A severe reaction should present itself within 15 minutes. You’ll need to give your body a full 24 hours before you can determine that no issue will take place. A reaction can consist of a rash, skin swelling, blistering, hives or itchy skin.

The Application Process

If you decide to go ahead and use hemorrhoid cream for skin tightening purposes, apply a small amount of the cream to the areas that you want to target. You can use your fingers for the smaller areas. Use a cloth if you need to apply it to a larger area. A thin coat should be applied.

Rinse and Repeat

The cream should not be left on your skin for the day. You should wait 15 minutes and then rinse the area off thoroughly. If you didn’t achieve the results that you were looking for, reapply the product and wait 15 more minutes.

What to Watch Out For

Aside from an allergic reaction, you may want to be ready for some skin dryness. If you use the product too often for too long, you could experience scaling of the skin.

In general, you should use this method sparingly. If you aren’t careful, you could end up harming the skin more than helping it. Apply a good quality moisturizer after using the product in order to keep your skin healthy.

Make sure that you purchase a reputable brand of hemorrhoid cream if you will be applying the product to large areas of your skin. Use this method once in a while if you are experiencing tired, dull or puffy skin. If you are regularly experiencing skin issues, it might be time to take a whole-body approach to your skin’s health.

Be sure to stop the use of the product if you notice any kind of adverse reaction. If you have allergies of any sort, check the product to make sure it doesn’t contain the allergen you should be avoiding.